Where to Buy Supplements

where to buy supplements

Where you should be getting your supplements is going to depend on what supplements you’re looking at buying.  We don’t mean that certain supplements should be acquired through some low ball, sketchy as heck, foreign site with improper English used all over the place.  We don’t mean that certain supplements should be purchased from that fine young man standing on the corner of the two worst streets in your neighborhood day in and day out.  We do not mean that certain supplements should be obtained through concession out of the back of some guy’s 1980’s sedan.  Those are the exact types of places you need to avoid.

What we mean is that not all websites are going to carry what you need, especially for the price range that you are in the market for.  Some websites allow you to spend less by purchasing in bulk.  Some pharmacies and local stores will have rewards programs to keep your business local and thank you for shopping with them instead of with the big guys online.  Start with us – we make it possible to buy supplements by type of supplement or by your specific goals (build muscle, improve performance, lose weight, etc.

Buy Supplements from Local Shops

Heading down town to your local pharmacy or wellness store is a great way to get supplements if you’re in a bind and you aren’t worried about getting the best price.  You can almost always find the same items that are on the shelves at your local stores on the internet for anywhere from 10 to 50 percent cheaper.  That doesn’t mean the local spots should be ignored.  Supporting your local businesses can lead to pretty sweet rewards programs and the benefit of getting what you need TODAY, rather than waiting a few days for shipping if you were to shop online.  Some shops have limited selection of supplements while others have huge varieties.  What’s yours got?

Buy From The Big Nutritional Supplement Players

Some supplements can be purchased through the “Big Guys” over at Amazon or over at Ebay.  Good chance you’re going to get free shipping and a really good price.  The problem is, there are a lot of “pop up” sellers from developing countries that have the means to market on ebay and amazon.  These uncontrollable companies will sell you sugar and tell you it’s salt.  That’s a metaphor but we think you understand.  Be careful – if the price is way too good to be true, there is a reason for that.  Try to buy from reputable sources like Vaxxen Labs.

Buy Supplements From The Labs

This is our category.  You can buy our products from us directly.  This ensures you get a fair price and the product that you know you’re looking to buy without getting scammed.  The problem with buying from us directly?  You only are able to buy what we manufacture and sell.  There are hundreds of beneficial supplements out on the market today.  No single lab or manufacturer is going to be able to provide customers with each and every type of supplement.  This requires the buyer to do some research and purchase the best supplements to fit their needs from the best manufacturers able to provide a solution.  The best supplementation stacks for any diet or muscle regimen might require at least two of the three methods of purchase.

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