Where to Buy Hordenine

where to buy hordenine

Hordenine is one of the most prolific ingredients used in fat burning supplements on the market today.  Vigorously and thoroughly proven to be an effective weight loss substance, hordenine is often combined with the likes of caffeine and agent orange to promote intense fat burn and hunger suppression [1].  Have you ever seen the show My 600lb Life?  The doctor on the show has used hordenine supplementation to help patients fight off their obesity and ridiculous overindulgence tendencies.


Visit the Doctor

Much like in the aforementioned television show, modern science has started to leverage hordenine in different metabolic medications because it’s a 100% natural alkaloid that most plants produce.  Some of the strongest appetite regulation and suppression medications can only be prescribed by a doctor.  If you feel like you’re in that large of a rut, consult with your physician and maybe they’ll be able to help you by prescribing some strong supplemental medication to help you down the path toward a better you.  (Understand that this may come with a mental evaluation)

Check Us Out!

Reputable body building and fitness supplement manufacturers like Vaxxen use hordenine in their products to help customers achieve the most difficult of weight loss goals.  Products like Cinerate have a healthy balance of the supplements that are most effective in providing you energy to power through the daily grind and intense gym sessions while simultaneously promoting fat burn, leading to extreme weight loss.

Products like our Cinerate line have something for everybody:  If you’re looking for that super slim and trim look, Cinerate would be right for you.  If you’re trying to lose the extra flab while enhancing your muscle gain so that you have that cut and sculpted look, Cinerate is right for you.  If you’re pushing the limits of obesity, Cinerate is right for you as well!

Local Pharmacy and Health Shops

Hordenine capsules can be purchased in varying strengths over the counter right at your local home goods and pharmacy stores.  Typically distributed in capsule form, hordenine supplements can range in price based on manufacturer and quantities.  It might be best to speak with your physician before deciding what would be the right supplement size for you since over supplementation can lead to kidney disease and high blood pressure, as we highlighted in an earlier post.  You don’t want to do even more damage, leaving you less healthy than you were prior to the supplementation!

I Bought Hordenine – Now What?

So you went ahead and purchased your pure hordenine supplement… now you need to know when you should take it to help maximize effects.  As with many fat burners, the best thing you can do is to take it right after you wake up in the morning.  If you have capsules, down them with some water.  If you’ve got a powder, mix up a nice drink for breakfast and include your hordenine in it.  Make sure you eat a healthy breakfast so that the hordenine doesn’t sit in on an empty stomach, further increasing the chances of negative side effects [2].

Your hordenine supplement should always be taken first thing in the morning to maximize effect.  Do not take it again until the following day!


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