Where to Buy Erythritol?

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With keto dieting on the rise, everybody is looking for anything they possibly can to add a bit of excitement to their foods so that they don’t fall off that ketosis wagon. Erythritol gives you a keto-friendly sugar [1]. Where to buy Erythritol? Because nobody wants to go through that awful keto flu stage again so it’s best to do the research and find some good stuff to help your food not taste so depressing and bland.  There is no reason to have a boring diet just because you’re avoiding carbohydrates!

A keto friendly sugar alcohol, erythritol is extremely low in calories and can be used to sweeten foods of all kinds [1].  Around since the mid 1800’s, erythritol has been almost over manufactured.  Today, we’re going to take a look at the different places you may want to go to purchase erythritol.  Keeping in mind that you don’t want to sacrifice your wallet or your diet, let’s explore the different options…

Buy Erythritol at Online Mega Stores

We do not typically advise our readers to look first toward sites like Amazon or eBay, but in this scenario, we’re going to make an exception.  Trying to find erythritol locally is going to be pretty difficult.  Not many people are hardcore enough to follow through with a keto diet and anybody who is looking for an artificial sweetener typically settles on something like Splenda.  There is no reason for local stores to stock erythritol as the clientele likely isn’t large enough to warrant it.

Online mega stores like Amazon and eBay are a sure fire way to find what you’re looking for.  You won’t get any sort of rewards points from your favorite suppliers, but you’re definitely going to get the cheapest price per ounce.  Whether you’re looking for a paste to be used in baking, a granular powder to be used in cooking, or a super fine powder to mix into your tea and coffee, buying from these huge retailers is going to give you the most options with the best pricing.  As always, look for something with a bunch of reviews and solid ratings.  NOW Foods, for example, distributes different erythritol sweeteners and some of them even have artificial flavors added.

Big Player Chains Carry Erythritol

If saving those few dollars isn’t overly important to you, we suggest hitting up the big chains like GNC.  They’ve got some amazing rewards programs and you might actually be able to strike the iron while it’s hot, getting a buy one get one deal at certain times of the year.  GNC’s rewards program is impressive, as every dollar your spend goes towards future purchase rewards.  Want an example?  If you stock up on erythritol, you might be able to earn enough points to get a free tub of protein powder on your next purchase.  When you shop at these large chains, you don’t have to worry about scams like you do on the aforementioned public selling websites.  We’d still suggest taking a gander to look at the different reviews for all of the options though.  It turns out, your peers know what they’re talking about most of the time!


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