Where to Buy Creatine?

where to buy creatine

Other than protein, creatine is probably the most used supplement among our readers.  Actually, creatine is one of the most popular supplements worldwide, but the question is – where to buy creatine?  Whether you’re a body building who is looking to build as much muscle as they possible can, a distance runner who is trying to shed as much weight as possible, or a swimmer who is interested in nothing but the leanest of muscle mass, creatine is able to help you reach your optimal performance goals [1].

The goals that you have are going to dictate the type of creatine you purchase.  Just as they’ll dictate the amount of creatine you purchase and the amount you’re going to consume for each dosing period.  You can choose to use something like Fulcrum that already has a bit of creatine in it, or you can purchase pure creatine supplements and boost your muscles that way.  It’s all going to come down to what your end goals are and where you’re at down your path of fitness.

I’m Going to Be a Beast!

If pumping the iron is your thing, something like Fulcrum probably isn’t going to be enough creatine for you.  You’re going to need to build as much muscle as you possibly can by combining creatine, protein, and a variety of other supplements together [2].  You’re going to be an intense pre and post workout kind of person.  You understand the stuff you’re putting in to your body is arguably more important than the time spent in the gym.  For you, you need to shop for pure creatine supplementation and meticulously keep track of the amount you’re taking each day.

The internet is probably your best bet.  Going down to the local pharmacy or grocery market isn’t going to cut it, though you might find something with decent creatine levels if you’re really in a bind.  You need to search out the big players like GNC and maybe even huge retailers like Amazon.  Search for the best bang for buck creatine supplement you can find, whether it’s capsulized or powder form.  As always, be aware of scammers.

I Want to Burn Body Fat

Fulcrum and mixes like it are just fine for you.  You’re able to take advantage of the pre workout ingredients combined with creatine and push your body to new limits when you hit the gym.  Whether you’re on the treadmill, bike, or hitting a new resistance training rep count, creatine is going to enhance the other supplements to maximize your fat burn while retaining muscle mass [3].  Don’t confuse “weight loss” with “fat burn.”

I Want to Run Forever!

Okay, so that might be exaggeratory.  Creatine is going to give your muscles the energy they need to push through the excruciating limits of “the wall.”  The wall is something you hit when you get beyond your comfort zone during endurance training.  Swimming, biking, running, rock climbing… we all hit the wall at some point while partaking in any of those exercises.  The creatine supplementation in Fulcrum is going to carry you beyond the wall.  You’re safe to add additional creatine supplementation sprinkled throughout your week, apart from Fulcrum.  Just pick some up at your local pharmacy and you’ll be good to go!  (Try to get smaller doses because you’re already getting some from Fulcrum)


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