Where Should You Buy Amylase?

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Every time I type out amylase, I think it sounds like some sort of illegal drug.  We already know that’s far from the case though.  We are well versed in amylase uses and stats since we’ve talked about the benefits of amylase supplementation, the side effects you need to be aware of, and took a deep dive in to the carb killing properties of the digestive enzyme.

Today, we’re going to pick up the amylase conversation baton and explore where you should buy amylase for body building and fitness purposes.  Let’s ignore the fact that amylase is used in a variety of prescription drugs for the purpose of this conversation.  We only care about where we can legally obtain amylase for our supplementation needs.

So… Where CAN You Buy Amylase?

Well, you probably assumed that amylase was one of those things that you’ll really only be able to buy on the internet.  While it’s obviously certainly true that you can purchase your amylase on the internet, that’s not necessarily the only place that you should look.  What might surprise you is that amylase could be readily available not too far from where you’re sitting at this moment.  Local pharmacies rarely carry “amylase” as a straight supplement but many, if not most, carry digestive medication that contains amylase as one of the primary, effective ingredients.  There is no reason you should shy away from the local, over the counter medications just because you’re going to be using them to supplement for fitness and body building.  The digestive medications are usually geared toward every day digestive health, not so much somebody suffering from a problem.  Those suffering from serious digestive issues will be prescribed stronger solutions by their physician.

We already mentioned the internet being an option for purchasing amylase supplementation.  We really don’t recommend shopping online at the big retailers like amazon for amylase supplements because it’s so easily available for most people on the local level.  Amylase is one of the supplements that are unlikely to have a big price difference making it worth shopping on the internet and risking getting scammed.

The third, and most desirable option, is purchasing your amylase supplementation through labs like ours.  We’ve created a perfectly formulated masterpiece to leverage ideal amylase doses with other supplements, giving you the best chance for top notch results.  Leftovers is our meal replacement product that leverages amylase to kill the carbohydrates while giving you an on the go meal and satisfying your hunger!


Improving Carbohydrate Digestion

Make sure you’re taking this stuff seriously.  Many of us try to cut carbohydrates out of our diets but the truth is, that’s not always the key when it comes to building the perfect body.  It’s arguably better and more effective to ensure carbohydrate digestion is thorough.  Amylase helps improve carb digestion[i] such that you gain even more energy and are sure not to pack on unwanted pounds if you don’t get quite enough of a work out.  Hopefully you’re able to capture magic in a bottle like we did!


[i] Holmes, R. “Carbohydrate Digestion and Absorption.” Journal of Clinical Pathology. Supplement (Royal College of Pathologists)., U.S. National Library of Medicine, 1971, www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1176254/.


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