What Should You Use Octopamine For?

what should I use Octopamine for

Keeping in mind[i] that it is a chemical that functions as a hormone and neurotransmitter, octopamine is something we extract from the salivary glands of arthropods, mollusks, worms, and fish.  This hormone can mimic norepinephrine, improving our mobilization and increasing fat burn as a result. So what should you use octopamine for when it comes to your health?

Being an increasingly more popular fat burn supplement, octopamine can be purchased from a large variety of suppliers both locally and on the internet.  Octopamine doesn’t take just one form and can come in a variety of different doses as well.  It’s important to figure out what your goals are before you decide to use any supplements; Octopamine is no different.  Your goals can often dictate what form of Octopamine is best to meet your needs, as well as how much you are looking to purchase.

I Want to Maximize Weight Loss

It’s no secret that octopamine can be leveraged to increase metabolic rates and improve mobility.  The improved mobility in conjunction with the increased metabolism leads to extensive weight loss[ii].  There are a few ways you can supplement with octopamine if your ultimate goal is losing unwanted visceral fat…

  1. The first and without a doubt most effective way is to take something like our Cinerate[iii] Meticulously and perfectly formulated to maximize weight loss, Cinerate leverages just the right amount of octopamine with the ideal doses of other ingredients to help you on your journey to a newer, healthier you.
  2. If you aren’t interested in Cinerate or aren’t able to ingest one of the other ingredients, no big deal! You can get your octopamine supplement through big chains like GNC.  They’ve got everything from small bottles with a month’s supply of capsules to large tubs with powders that can be mixed in to your pre-workout drinks.  Just make sure you follow dosage recommendations!
  3. Amazon, Ebay, Alibaba, and other online retailers sell off brand octopamine supplements. This is definitely the cheapest, most cost-effective way to get your octopamine fix.  Be sure you’re making your purchase from a credible source and that you’re not getting scammed.  Trust user reviews and if the price is just way, way too good to be true, it probably is.

Use Octopamine When Weight Loss Isn’t of Utmost Importance

The second reason people tend to supplement with octopamine is for the increase of energy[iv].  There are a number of supporting studies completed on animals but very few studies supporting this theory that have been completed on humans.  While that may be true, there are also an overwhelming amount of reports regarding noticeable energy increases after supplementation.  Whether consuming for the purpose of body building benefits or simply to help you get through the day, octopamine is believed to increase energy levels by slowing the breakdown of proteins.  Forcing the body to break down other molecules for energy, like stored visceral fat or carbohydrates is a great way to increase energy levels while simultaneously increasing fat burn.  Octopamine can be found in herbal brews and all-natural drinks if all you’re concerned with is energy increases.  Look for octopamine-rich energy enhancement drinks in your local health goods stores or look to purchase them at discount rates through bulk selling internet stores.



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