What is Ubiquinol?

what is ubiquinol

We’ve talked to you about the benefits of ubiquinol as well as the side effects that you need to be leery of.  We spent a full post on the different effects ubiquinol will have for men and women and the best way each sex can maximize ubiquinol benefits.  Through all those posts, we really haven’t told you what ubiquinol is. What is ubiquinol?

Coenzyme Q10, if you recall, is the main ingredient in ubiquinol supplements.  Coming from almost all living things, CQ10 is what our cells use to grow and stay healthy.  It only makes sense that we’d like to leverage this human growth hormone like substance to enhance our mental capacity, immune system, and physique!  Let’s take a minute to answer the “What is Ubiquinol” question, now that we have a clear understanding that CQ10 is the main ingredient.

Ubiquinol is Coenzyme Q10, Except Better…

Ubiquinol as a supplement has been manufactured using coenzyme Q10 and a few other side-chain ingredients.  An electron rich form of coenzyme Q10, it is inherently much friendlier to the human body.  Straight coenzyme Q10 is not well absorbed into the human body so labs around the world create the more user-friendly ubiquinol by adding a couple of hydrogens to it.

Not Just Labs

Science is an awesome thing.  Modern science has allowed us to research and understand the molecular makeup of almost anything in the world.  Since your body naturally produces coenzyme Q10 but really struggles to utilize it, you can influence it by eating certain foods.  Having a similar effect as the synthesized ubiquinol, you can consume beef, pork, fish, and super greens like broccoli to transform the naturally produced coenzyme q10 into ubiquinol so that your body can better utilize it.  In 2011, a study was released that underlines the importance of Coenzyme Q10 and food supplementation [1].  In the citation pulled from the Journal of Pharmacy and Bioallied Science, Rajiv Saini illustrates the importance of extra supplementation through food consumption to increase the body’s ability to utilize CoQ10.

More Science!

Numerous studies have been completed proving the importance of ubiquinol on digestive system health.  Let’s take a look at a few of the more impressive studies that could hit close to home for you, ignoring the improvements for physique momentarily.

  1. Digestive System Improvement – Enhancing mitochondria output and production is going to improve your entire digestive process. Properly digesting and passing the food is just as important as eating the food [2].
  2. Atrophy Decrease – Ubiquinol use was found to slow and reverse atrophy. This can help people with skin disease and muscle deterioration.  There are a number of ongoing studies regarding this that could eventually rid the world of certain diseases or, at the very least, make the final years more comfortable ones [3].
  3. Improved Exercise Capacity – Already proven to enhance workouts for the health people, consider the fact that ubiquinol could give elderly people more energy to make it through the day independently [4]!


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