What is Tribulus Terrestris?

what is tribulus terrestris

We introduced many of you to tribulus terrestris back in April when we chose to lead off with a blog post about the side effects of Tribulus Terrestris you need to be aware of.  Last month, we came back with the benefits of tribulus terrestris and why we used it in our products.  Today, we’re going to explore what tribulus terrestris is, where it comes from, and what the future has in store.  There might be a bit of speculation on our part, but we won’t make any uneducated guesses that may lead you astray!

What is Tribulus Terrestris?

In short, tribulus terrestris is a plant.  It’s got fernlike leaves and a small yellow or white flower that blossoms regularly.  The plant can be found in southern Europe, across Asia, throughout all most of Africa, and much of Australia.  As you’ve probably guessed, the tribulus terrestris plant requires small amounts of water and prefers a dry climate much like a cactus [1].

The tribulus terrestris plant is covered with little “goathead” fruits.  These fruits are spikey, small, and grow in clusters as grapes would.  When small, the fruits are called nutlets and are especially hazardous to animals, barefoot humans, bike tires, and even side walls of vehicle tires.  The spikes can grow to be more like thumb tacks or small nails!

The fruits are extremely hard but very brittle at the same time.  They can fall apart or be smashed into five or more nutlets or burs.  Over the past few hundred years, the spines have stuck in to humans and animals alike, making it easy to be spread across the land.

Cultivation of Tribulus Terrestris Plants

Since the tribulus terrestris plants have been growing in the “old world” for hundreds to thousands of years, there is a long history of cultivation and a variety of use cases that have been developed.  In humans, the tribulus terrestris has been used to treat a lack of sexual prowess, urinary tract infections, and even as a diuretic [2]!

Today, we use it as a dietary supplement as we have mentioned in past articles.  A couple of the schools of thought is that tribulus terrestris can help improve inherent human strength properties and increase testosterone levels, allowing us to have more successful workouts.

The Future

We can only speculate but if the trend of studies lead to potential, it makes sense that tribulus terrestris will be the main ingredient in many sexual wellness medications.  Additionally, people who struggle to maintain a fair level of testosterone will be able to supplement with tribulus terrestris based medication to reach their full hormonal potential.  Since tribulus terrestris is approved for use by the Food and Drug Administration, it’s not been found to be terribly unsafe in any way and there will be a continued influx of studies completed as body building and fitness trends don’t appear to be going away any time soon.

Lucky for you, you can stay ahead of the trend by using our Descend product.  Already containing tribulus terrestris, you will be able to return your internal organs back to their pre-cycle, optimal operational levels. Recharge your body safely and beat the competition!


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