What is Octopamine?

what is octopamine

In your brain and in your spinal cord, you have something called norepinephrine.  It’s basically a naturally produced chemical that functions as a hormone and neurotransmitter.  It helps regulate the functions of your adrenal glands and internal organs.  Octopamine is to invertebrates what norepinephrine is to humans and other vertebrates.

As you can likely guess based off from that information and the name of the substance, it was first found in the octopus.  These days though, we know that octopamine is not just in octopus and squid.  It can be found in the salivary glands of arthropods, mollusks, worms, and even some fish [1].

Why Octopamine?

Fitness supplement manufacturing laboratories like ours here at Vaxxen have made it a point to harness the different powers of octopamine and route them in to blends fit for human digestion.  Why should the invertebrates get all the fun when you can artificially increase the levels of growth hormones in your body by ingesting harmless substances like octopamine [2]?  Since it’s so similar to the norepinephrine that your body already generates on its own, it can easily be absorbed leading to improved mobilization of the extremities!

Improved Mobilization?

That’s right.  Decreasing stress on your joints and increasing your growth hormones while improving the range of motion and decreasing fatigue in your muscles all leads to improved mobilization.  Your body inherently has the ability to synthesize the octopamine and use it to improve all of those areas, subsequently increasing your mobility.  Increased mobility will result in more calories burned since you’ll be able to lift more weight, run a little further, and sprint a little faster [3].

Fat Burn

At Vaxxen, we use octopamine in our Cinerate fat burner.  Obviously the increased mobility will lead to a better caloric burn rate as we just mentioned but that’s not the only reason we make it a point to utilize octopamine.  Lipolysis has been proven to take place when octopamine makes direct contact with fat cells.  Basically, fat cells and octopamine cannot coexist.  The octopamine is absorbed by the fat cells and the cells have no choice but to release their contents, resulting in visceral fat being melted away with little to no effort.  If you combine that with the work you put in at the gym or on the track, you’re going to be able to shed off fat that you didn’t even realize you were struggling with!

For Best Results…

As stated on our website, you should take Cinerate when you first wake up in the morning, before breakfast.  To minimize any potential sensitivity to stimulants, we suggest starting with 1 pill to assess your tolerance and working your way up to the recommended serving size of 3 capsules.  Your workouts and anabolic supplements will produce faster results when you shed your body of unneeded fat.  The octopamine in Cinerate will improve your fat burn while the other supplements reduce your appetite and increase energy.

Note: Don’t supplement with additional octopamine if you choose to use Cinerate.


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