What is Huperzia Serrata?

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Today we’ll be looking at one of those supplements that tends to be more of a mental state enhancer than a body enhancer.  Huperzia Serrata is included in the recent movement of substances people are using as a supplement for focus, drive, and determination.  There are other proven benefits of huperzia serrata, but we at Vaxxen include it in our Cinerate product to help you boost your mental faculties so that they match the enhancements you’re getting form the supplements directed toward physical improvements.  It’s important to understand what the products are that you’re ingesting and where they come from, so let’s have a look…

Where Does Huperzia Serrata Come From?

For hundreds to thousands of years, Chinese medicine has been a step ahead.  It turns out that when we’re talking about huperzia serrata, that is no different.  Native to India and the southeast Asian region, huperzia serrata has been harvested and used to treat a variety of ailments by the Chinese of yesteryear.  They’d mix the paste of the plant in to tea recipes, expecting to get the most out of their day only after a cup or two [1].

Harvesting today is done by machines in large man-cultivated and maintained fields.  Since huperzia serrata is still sold over the counter, it’s easily accessible.  To keep up with the rising demand world-wide, many countries in that same region have made huperzia serrata plants like the toothed clubmoss a focal point of their agriculture.

Where to Get it?

As we just alluded to, you can simply purchase huperzia serrata medicines over the counter.  There are other doctor prescribed medicines manufactured by pharmaceutical companies, but all we care about in this conversation are the ones that you can easily purchase yourself.

In addition, you can purchase capsules over the internet from various health goods sites.  Since huperzia serrata is increasingly more common, prices are reasonable and there is absolutely no reason for you to look at a site that you’re not familiar with.  As with everything, be sure to read the dosage instructions carefully before using.

The third way to obtain your huperzia serrata supplementation is simply by taking something like Cinerate.  We have carefully picked the ingredients for our products, purposefully choosing substances that build strength off from each other.  Mixing the huperzia serrata with the other ingredients in Cinerate will help you get the best stack you can when preparing for weight loss workouts.

How it Works

Let’s talk science.  The extract of huperzia serrata inhibits acetylcholinesterase enzymes.  These enzymes are what breakdown important esters that function as neurotransmitters.  Basically, huperzia serrata is a means to an end.  The higher your level of huperzia serrata, the better your neurotransmitters are able to function.  Healthy neurotransmitters is what leads to improved focus, increased memory length, decreased Alzheimer’s risk, and improved reaction times [2].  That’s exactly why we include huperzia serrata in Cinerate!  Improving your reaction times and mental focus is just as important as raising your antioxidant levels and promoting increased muscle growth.


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