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What is Hordenine?

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what is hordenine
Last modified: August 14th, 2018 11:59 am

Here’s a new one that we’re sure most of you have never heard of before.  Shame on you, since you’ve probably used it if you include some sort of fat burner in your stacks or macros.  Many of the different fat burners and energy boosters on the market have started to leverage the beneficial effects of hordenine in their products.  (This is why it’s important to understand what ingredients go in to “blends” when they’re listed on the label of your products.)  What is hordenine? The good thing is, hordenine is a 100% natural occurring alkaloid that most plants can produce in fairly small amounts, so it’s pretty safe to supplement with so long as you’re not allergic.  Heck, we use it in our Cinerate product!

Uses of Hordenine

Apart from the main reasons that body builders, gym rats, fitness freaks, and dieters tend to utilize supplements containing hordenine, there are a variety of other consumables with the substance.  Over the past decade, hordenine has been used in medicines created to treat patients that struggle to focus throughout the day.  Medications created to treat ADD, ADHD, and even multiple personality disorders often tend to leverage hordenine by honing the focus and concentration effects.  SSRs and antidepressants often include traces of hordenine HCI because it helps stimulate brain activity, preventing depression and promoting happiness.  Typically speaking, combining hordenine with the other ingredients included in these medications results in a heavy compounding effect, building on the inherent success and further improving focus, concentration, mood, and energy levels.

Why WE Care About Hordenine

Studies have proven that hordenine can be used as an effective weight loss supplement.  Much like with the medications and treatments mentioned in the previous paragraph, stacking hordenine with other fat burning supplements can often enhance the desired effects.  (Now you know why we manufacture Cinerate with traces of hordenine included.  When compounding like this, a little goes a long way.)

By including hordenine in common fat burning macros, you’re able to drastically increase the amount of visceral fat burned and weight loss over time.  Assuming you continue to use your regular protein supplementation methods, you’re not going to be inadvertently burning off the muscle that you’ve gain even when stacking fat burners.  Hordenine tends to stimulate your metabolism better than most of the fat burning supplements that we’ve talked about but it isn’t great when it comes to hunger suppression.  That’s where the other supplements come in to play, strengthening each other by neutralizing weaknesses.

2 Serious Side Effects of Hordenine

The side effects are probably a little more common than in most of the substances we talk about in this blog.  For this reason, only small traces of hordenine is used in most scenarios.  If you’re considering supplementing with hordenine directly, rather than just using the small amounts in blends like ours, take caution:

  • Heavy use of hordenine significantly increases your odds of kidney disease and development of kidney stones. In an attempt to counter act this, be sure to drink plenty of water and use regenerative supplements.
  • Blood pressure tends to skyrocket with heavy supplementation. Granted, this is a temporary side effect, but those who already struggle with high blood pressure should avoid straight hordenine dosing.

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