What is Chrysin and How Do I Use It?

what is chrysin

Here’s another one that you may have never heard of.  Chrysin is a natural substance found in honey and various passion flowers.  As of the past decade, traces of chrysin have been inserted in to many dietary supplements manufactured around the world.  At Vaxxen, we choose to use chrysin in our Descend line.  Naturally, that’s why we feels the need to divulge as much information as we can to our customers about it.  Providing the best possible post cycle therapy supplement is a point of pride for us.  As is our unyielding open-door policy when it comes to the ingredients used in our products.

Where Does Chrysin Come From?

As we mentioned, chrysin is an all-natural substance derived from honey and certain flowers.  Since the fitness boom that really started to get wings a decade ago, chrysin has been harvested from blue passion flowers.  Farms around the world are able to grow full fields of this hardy flower, selling them off in bundles to pharmaceutical companies and other manufacturing corporations for extraction.  The most profitable farms have the means for extraction on site.  Cutting a step out of the transport process can help promise potent product with a limited risk of contamination.

Why Do People Use Chrysin?

Chrysin as a dietary supplement desired for its healthy testosterone support. It restores T-levels in users, especially athletes and bodybuilders [1]. Chrysin is also desired for its ability to maintain sexual health, boost antioxidant effects, and to control inflammation in the body [2].  Since chrysin is lactose free, it’s something that almost anybody can use without concern of lactose intolerance.  When combined with the other ingredients in Descend, you’ll be able to effectively re-balance after your cycle and return your blood panel back to pre-cycle levels much faster, while supporting your internal organs from increased stress.

How to Ingest

Apart from looking for and purchasing a wondrous combo product like Descend, you have the option of purchasing chrysin tablets.  Apart from the tablet and capsules available on the market, traces can be found in different post cycle therapy shake mixes as well.  These different forms of supplements are all relatively cheap and don’t care too much in the way of risk.  All chrysin supplementation requires oral ingestion and careful consideration of product label instructions and warnings.

When to Ingest

It’s not going to matter too awful much.  Many of the supplements we talk about in this blog have specific times of the day that will be more effective than others but such isn’t the case with chrysin.  We’d suggest that you make it a routine.  It doesn’t really matter WHEN you take it so long as you pick a time and take your supplement daily at that same time.  Be sure you read the instructions on the product label and it isn’t a bad idea to speak with your primary care physician to understand how it may or may not react with other supplements or medications that you’ve been prescribed.


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