What is Bioperine?

what is bioperine

We suspect that at least half of our readers are interested in burning off fatty deposits that have been lingering in their arms, legs, or belly areas.  For those of you who aren’t taking full advantage of our fat burning products, we strongly urge that you take another look at CinerateCinerate combines octopamine, huperiza serrata, caffeine, acetyl-l-carnitine, halostachine, hordenine, and bioperine to explode the fat off your body through combustion! So what is bioperine, exactly?

Over the past couple of months, we’ve made an effort to explain what each of the ingredients are and how they’re manufactured with your fitness goals in mind.  Today, we’re going to continue down that same path by exploring what bioperine is, how it’s harvested, and why we at Vaxxen choose to use it in our Cinerate product.

What Bioperine Is

Bioperine is an all-natural ingredient of black pepper!  Extracting bioperine from the piperine in black pepper and long peppers makes it relatively cheap to manufacture.  Black pepper comes from the piperaceae family of plantae.  Pulled from the green, unripe drupes of pepper plants, black pepper can be found all over the world.  After being dried naturally, in the sun for a few days, the drupes are able to be ground from peppercorn into fine black pepper.  The same that you’d find on your dining room table.  Prior to being ground, we can extract the piperine, and thus the bioperine [1].

Bioperine in History

Extracting bioperine from the piperine is a relatively new, modern act of science.  Only within the past 20 years have we understood that bioperine is an ingredient of piperine which is the key ingredient that makes up black pepper.  Without the piperine, black pepper wouldn’t have that pungent taste or smell that we’re so used to.  Only over the past few years have we really understood the potential for bioperine in medicines [2].

Bioperine at Vaxxen

At Vaxxen, we’ve made it a point to use bioperine in our Cinerate product because it increases bioavailability of nutritional compounds.  With our trademarked mix of bioperine called BioPreine, we have been able to maximize the benefits you realize from all the other ingredients in Cinerate.  Truthfully, it’s not just the supplements you get in Cinerate that are effective.  A healthy dose of bioperine is going to enhance all the other nutrients that you put in to your body.  Think about THAT the next time you sit down to have your post workout protein shake!  Not only are you going to be improving the fat burn, but your muscles are going to see even more improvements and recovery time needed will decrease even further!

Make sure that before you dive in to supplementation you’re aware of all the different side effects that can occur.  Like with everything, bioperine can have adverse side effects that you need to be aware of as well.  All of the side effects are temporary and can be avoided by discontinuing supplementation, but the benefits are absolutely worth the risks.  Especially since most users don’t notice anything negative at all!


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