What is Alpha GPC?

what is alpha gpc

Since May, we’ve made it a point to talk pretty extensively about Alpha GPC.  We know where we can get our Alpha GPC, and the different amounts that we’d need to consume in order to reach our fitness goals.  Most recently, we devoted a full post about the benefits of Alpha GPC you can realize when supplementing with Alpha GPC.  This got some real buzz and raised some questions along with the eyebrows so we’re going to go in to more detail about what Alpha GPC is and where it comes from.  Before we’re done with you, you’ll be an expert in all things Alpha GPC!

 Alpha GPC is Found Inherently in the Brain

Being a natural compound that each one of us have in our brain makes Alpha GPC one of those awesome supplements that we already are used to.  There is no such thing as being allergic and to date, nobody has a documented Alpha GPC deficiency.  Having been proven to improve cognitive function, Alpha GPC supplementation is the favorite and frontrunner when it comes to active ingredients in Alzheimer’s disease treatments [1].  Since we can now artificially manufacture alpha GPC, preventing the deterioration of neurons that effect memory function in the brain is no longer a crap shoot and dream.


Creatine Alpha GPC

It’s not something out of a zombie flick.  We don’t harvest Alpha GPC from animal brains or the neurons of dead or dying humans!  This isn’t Hollywood!  No, instead we’re leveraging breakthroughs in science to our advantage.  Scientists have successfully created a fool proof way to obtain the necessary ingredients from soy plants.  Chemical reactions of the enzymes are then forced into Alpha GPC to be used at will.  Soy farms around the world are creating byproducts that scientists can use to manufacture and produce Alpha GPC.

Alpha GPC and Fitness

Alpha GPC doesn’t just affect your memory.  Acute supplementation improves the natural growth hormones found in humans, resulting in enhanced performance during workouts and increased muscle production as a result.  Labs around the world are leveraging the benefits of Alpha GPC in their supplements and blends [2].  We at Vaxxen are riding the Alpha GPC train and have included it as a key ingredient in our Fulcrum product.  Thankfully, even if you’re using Fulcrum it’s perfectly safe to increase your overall Alpha GPC supplementation levels through other means.  Refer back to the “where to purchase” article we already talked about.


The Future

Both the medical and bodybuilding realms are going to be taking advantage of synthetic Alpha GPC supplementation for many years to come.  Thankfully with the advancements in technology, we’re going to be able to do more with less.  Expect certain supplemental sports drinks to contain the likes of Alpha GPC and don’t be surprised if you’ll be able to find it in different protein bars and energy snacks.  As we get closer to the cure for Alzheimer’s, it’s going to be common place for soy-derived Alpha GPC to be prescribed to people as a precautionary measure.  With almost nothing in the way of side effects, Alpha GPC might be as ubiquitous in your future diet plans as protein and water!


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