What Do Fat Burners Do?

fat burners

The common misconception is that fat burners like our Cinerate product line will make you lose weight.  The truth is, the key to understanding what do fat burners do is understanding if you’re not willing to put in any other work or change anything else about your lifestyle, simply adding fat burners to your diet aren’t going to do a darn thing for you.  Much of the success that people have when burning off the pounds is a direct result of dieting.  Watching what you put in your pie hole is the most important way to shed off the pounds and the more overweight you are, the more weight you will lose simply by eating more healthily and counting the calories.

So Why Use Cinerate?

Fat burners aren’t worthless!  The proof is in the NIH pudding.  Fat burners like Cinerate are chemically formulated to play off of your diet as a complimentary piece [1].  Fat burners will leverage the nutrition you get from food and other supplements to increase the metabolism of fat but decrease the metabolism of other energy deposits, leading to healthy muscle gains and visceral fat losses.  By enhancing the effects of the healthy foods that you are eating, and preventing you from wanting to overindulge by stifling your hunger pangs, fat burners are misunderstood.  You think that the fat burner is what’s making you lose weight, when in fact it’s the calorie counting and the exercise you’re doing [2].

Speaking of exercise, your workouts and supplementation regimens are going to produce faster results if you compound them using fat burners.  Most fat burners, Cinterate among them, increase your energy so that you can power through the toughest of workouts, making sure you’re getting the most from all the other supplements you take in your pre and post workout processes.

Do Not Overdo Fat Burner Use

Designed to give you the recommended maximum daily dosage after just one or two meal replacements or supplemental uses, it is most definitely not suggested to ingest even more fat burner.  The main reason is health and safety.  Fat burners are loaded with chemicals and ingredients not inherently found in your system.  It is easy to overdose on foreign substances and have undesirable reactions.  Side effects of Cinerate and other fat burners are few and far between unless the procedures are abused and directions are not followed.

The second reason to follow instructions on the label?  You’re wasting your money if you don’t.  Even if you don’t get sick or have some sort of negative reaction by supplementing with more than you’re supposed to, it’s still silly.  Fat burners are typically created with the understanding of the maximum amount of absorption sustained by the human body [3].  Taking more than the recommended amount is just wasteful because your body isn’t going to use it anyway.

Keep Score

If you’ve been doing all you can and you need that little bit of push to get you over the edge, try a fat burner.  Give it a couple of weeks of use, then start to measure your results on a weekly basis.  It can take up to 6 weeks but fat burners are engineered to supply you with the best results possible based on your diet and exercise routines.  You’ll see some improvement.


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