What are BCAA Supplements?

what is BCAA supplementation

Branched Chain Amino Acids, or BCAAs, are essential amino acids for human beings.  Luckily for us, synthesis for BCAAs occur in the world outside the human body as well.  All plants on earth perform some level of BCAA synthesis, making it pretty easy for us to harvest the goods and manufacture BCAA supplements to support our workout regimen and macros.  The BCAA supplements can range widely in form, dose, and desired affects so we figured we’d spend some time taking a look at a few of the most desirable products and affects to help you along your path to physical prowess.

The Top BCAA Supplement Forms and Desired Effects

What many people don’t realize or don’t really think about is that when they diet, their bodies can actually start to burn off muscle to provide fuel to the system.  In an effort to conserve energy stores for the long haul when deprived of food sources, your body will burn off skeletal muscle that might have taken you months to years to build while hanging on to the prized fat deposits as fuel reserves.  BCAA supplementation can wildly increase protein synthesis, making our system target fat rather than muscle for energy. The isoleucine, leucine, and valine that make up most BCAA supplements have been proven to stimulate this protein synthesis and are more effective than regular proteins [1].  To burn off fatty deposits while hanging on to muscle mass, or even gaining muscle mass, make sure you utilize our ChainLink product line.

The second and equally important affect realized by BCAA supplementation is improved muscle and immune system recovery.  Since recovery is something that you already should be practicing by having yourself a nice post-workout protein shake every time you’re finished at the gym, it is suggested that you mix in some BCAA supplementation [2].  This particular shake should be consumed anywhere form 60 to 120 minutes after you’ve finished your workout. Stacking BCAAs with proteins found in our WheyXX line will not only assist with healthy muscle mass gains, but allow for seamless recovery periods so that you’re 100% ready to go the next time you need to hit the weights!

Sounds Great!  Are there Side Effects of BCAAs?

Being honest, yes, there are some side effects.  In almost all cases, the side effects can be avoided by not over supplementing.  Since your body naturally produces what’s in BCAA supplements, you don’t need to worry about being allergic or anything like that.  Here are the three potential side effects everybody needs to be aware of:


  • Irregular blood sugar levels – By far the most common side effect.  Every single person who partakes in BCAA supplementation will be adversely effecting their blood sugar level.  For the most part, this isn’t a big deal as it is super temporary. Diabetics should consult with a doctor before supplementing.
  • Headache/Nausea – Significantly less common than #1.  Some people find that they feel a little “off” until their body gets used to supplementation.
  • Loss of coordination and reduction in motor skills – Not common at all.  Only those of whom are super sensitive to foreign substances have the misfortune of experiencing this temporary side effect.




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