Video Review Giveaway

Get a FREE Keto1/Cinerate/WheyXX by sending us a short video review of  Vaxxen Lab Products!


Grab a Smartphone or Tablet that can record video


Record your video review (must be 45-60 seconds long). We suggest asking a friend or family member to record for you.

Video Requirements:
To qualify for the gift card you must include the following 5 elements in your video:

  1. Clearly show your face and our product.
  2. Tell the viewer your name and where you are from.
  3. Explain what problem/challenge you were facing prior to discovering our product.
  4. Tell the viewer the solution you found (Mention our company name: Vaxxen Labs).
  5. Share your experience/results with Vaxxen Labs so far.

Just to help get your creative juices flowing, here is an example “My name is Morgan from Las Vegas, Nevada.  The challenge that I was facing was that I was finding it difficult to lose weight using diets that I had tried in the past.  So I did some research, and I came across Vaxxen Labs and their fantastic product Keto1.  What Keto1 does is help my body burn fats rather than sugars, which has been tremendously helpful to me.  Since starting Keto1, I’ve lost 17 pounds in the last 30 days! So that’s my story.  I love using it.  You should give it a shot too!”


Upload your video to YouTube. Use subject line: Vaxxen Labs (name the product) Video Review, like “Vaxxen Labs Keto1 Video Review”


Email us the link to the YouTube video.

  1. Make sure the subject line is “Vaxxen Labs Video Review.”
  2. Include a selfie of you with the product (BONUS: This will also get you added to the Selfie Contest! Don’t forget to post it to your social media account so that it can be counted, #VaxxenLabs)
  3. Add a short written blurb (this can be as simple as 3-4 sentences taken directly from your video).
  4. Be sure to let us know which product you want- Keto1, Cinerate, or WheyXX 🙂.

If your video meets all the above criteria then we will send out your product within 48 hours.