Ubiquinol Uses and Where to Find It

where to find ubiquinol

About a month ago, we published a post talking about what ubiquinol is to help get your juices flowing.  Being a crazy enhanced version of Coenzyme Q10, ubiquinol needs to be staple in your supplement selection, especially if you’re trying to get a little boost of energy while strengthening your digestive system.  Ideal for individuals looking to gain muscle and burn off excess fat, ubiquinol can also be used for a variety of other things.  Today we’re going to spend some time talking about the many uses of ubiquinol and where you should be looking to get your hands on it.

Do You Need Ubiquinol?

For some of us, we just want to supplement with ubiquinol to get the benefits we’ve already talked about in the past.  For others, their bodies might have a natural deficiency and could really benefit from supplementation for reasons beyond body building and fitness.  As we get older, the natural level of ubiquinol in our bodies decrease.  Since ubiquinol is produced in our liver and the liver is one of the first organs to start to fail us, you can understand why some people over the age of 40 can notice a difference.

  1. Cardiovascular Health – Healthy levels of ubiquinol is one of the primary things that regulate the circulation of blood from the heart to the rest of your body. Low ubiquinol levels will result in poor circulation and your heart will feel the strain, resulting in further fatigue [1].
  2. Fertility in Men – As we all know, men inevitably become sterile with old age. Inferior levels of ubiquinol will make the sterility become a reality at an earlier than necessary age [2].
  3. Brain Health – There are multiple studies that have undeniable proof of the ubiquinol effects on neurological function. Everything from comprehension to mood can be influenced by healthy ubiquinol levels [3].
  4. Antioxidant – Ubiquinol isn’t exactly an antioxidant so much as it is an antioxidant manager. Think of it as the chief barking orders to the Indians.  Supplementing with multiple antioxidants is beneficial but only when ubiquinol is there to direct traffic are you going to realize their full potential [4]!

Where Can I Find Ubiquinol?!

There are a number of products available to you on the market today.  When you’re doing your research prior to making a purchase, be sure to look for both “ubiquinol” and “Coenzyme Q10” as the supplement that you’re looking for could be marketed either way.  We suggest Omega 3 supplements that tend to be rich in the highest quality of CoQ10 or ubiquinol.  Consider shopping for these products on the internet at your favorite major online retailer if you want to save yourself a buck.  Trust your peers, read reviews, and understand the side effects.  If you’re looking to take advantage of some sort of rewards program, consider shopping at the slightly more expensive retailers such as GNC.

Note: There is no food that will contain ubiquinol, unlike many of the supplements we talk about.


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