Ubiquinol Benefits (Coenzyme Q10) – The complete guide

ubiquinol benefits - coenzyme q10

Ubiquinol is really just an easier way to say what it really is; Coenzyme Q10.  Coenzyme Q10 is found in almost all bacteria and animals, which is why we oh-so-cleverly call it ubiquinol… a variation of ubiquitous.  Ubiquinol is similar to a vitamin and is found primarily in mitochondria.  Let’s take a brief foray into middle school science class, shall we?  The “mighty” mitochondria are complex cells with two membranes found in humans and most other animals.  Mitochondria, for the purpose of this conversation, are the cells that generate energy in our body.  Almost all supplementation you may be involved with effects the way the mitochondria function.  We need to understand the function and purpose of mitochondria in order to understand how Coenzyme Q10 affects them, leading us to the ubiquinol benefits [1].

What Does Ubiquinol Do?

In a nutshell, ubiquinol jumpstarts our mitochondria.  Stimulating our mitochondria has been found to decorate senescence and suppress AHL progression [1].  In other words, it is effectively an anti-aging regimen.  Obviously, there are limits.  Stacking with ubiquinol isn’t like finding the fountain of youth, but most studies find that subjects are between 10 and 15% less likely to develop diseases brought on by old age [2].

When it comes to health and fitness, we don’t care too much about the anti-aging thing.  That’s just a nice side benefit.  What we care about is the energy increase.  Since ubiquinol jumpstarts the mitochondria, we are able to have more stamina, resulting in a longer or more intense workout.  Another nice side effect?  Older men can feel a bit younger when they’re in the bedroom, benefiting the male consumer and his partner!

Ubiquinol Benefits – The Fitness Specifics

In 2013, a detailed study was completed in regards to the idea that Ubiquinol improves power and energy in trained athletes.  The findings were overwhelmingly in favor of the notion that supplementation “enhances peak power production” and that it significantly increased performance measured.  It should be noted that as in all studies, the placebo group marked a noticeable improvement as well [3].  It would seem that if you believe you’re taking something that will help you perform better, you subconsciously make the effort to actually perform better.  That being said, the group that actually supplemented with the ubiquinol still drastically outperformed the placebo group.

Elite athletes ingesting 300mg of ubiquinol for six weeks improved their training output by a stunning 2.5%!  Imagine stacking ubiquinol in a macro that involves other supplements proven to enhance workout output.  It is not recommended to use more than 300mg of ubiquinol as the mitochondria don’t really see any sort of benefit beyond that number.  It isn’t as though the mitochondria or muscle cells are growing because of the ubiquinol.  They’re just getting a jumpstart, rather than the slower start they get without supplementation.

If you’re having a bit of difficult time understanding, think about a jet on a runway.  It may take upwards of a half mile for a jet to normally take off at the usual airport runway.  Now think of a jet on a carrier vessel out at sea.  Those vessels use giant slingshots to help jumpstart the jets at takeoff so that they need less runway real-estate to get up to the speed necessary to lift off.  Well… the ubiquinol is the slingshot.  Happy flying.


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