Tribulus Terrestris Side Effects

tribulus terrestris side effects

Today we’re going to talk about Tribulus Terrestris.  Yes, it is a mouth full but we’re confident that you can handle it!  Tribulus Terrestris is a hardy plant with a yellow flower that has grown accustom to being cultivated in almost any climate. The more common nicknames for the robust flowering plant include Devil’s Weed and Cat’s Head.  Since it only grows to be about half a foot off the ground, Tribulus Terrestris seems to really thrive in an environment where it can sprawl out and provide a bunch of ground cover.  Chances are, you don’t care about any of that.  What you care about is Tribulus Terrestris side effects and how this weird ground cover can help you build your muscles and improve your recovery stage [1].

What Does Tribulus Terrestris Do?

Tribulus Terrestris puts a focus on the post-workout, post-cycle rest periods.  Providing your body with extra nutrients assisting in muscle recovery, Tribulus Terrestris is believed to have a positive effect on the testosterone levels in men.  For women, Tribulus Terrestris can enhance sexual desire and sex drive.  While these are not the functions of the Devil’s Weed, I think most of us will agree that these are not necessarily bad things!  One thing is for certain, in both men and women, Devil’s Weed will certainly help you bulk up [2].

The Most Common Side Effects of Tribulus Terrestris

  1. Upset stomach. Your body may not be ready for the sudden increase in nutrients you’re about to provide.  This is a common side effect in almost all supplements and only lasts for a couple of days until your system gets used to the new baseline levels of nutrients.
  2. Cramping and stomach pain. Women in particular are susceptible to cramping.  The cramping is minor and isn’t enough pain to even halt you from doing the day to day tasks.  It’s caused by extra bi-product gases in your stomach that wouldn’t be there without the supplemented Tribulus Terrestris.
  3. Bowel movement irregularity. This is the least common side effect of the three that are reported most often, but it happens sometimes.  You may experience constipation or diarrhea, hitting either end of the spectrum.  While the direct cause isn’t known, the thought is that whatever you’re experiencing is a result of mixing the Tribulus Terrestris with some other supplement and your body is struggling to regulate.  It’s difficult to be sure because of the lack of people struggling with this particular side effect [3].

How to Supplement?

In the best scenario, your Tribulus Terrestris will simply be an ingredient in one of your regular blends or mixes.  If you think it is absolutely necessary to supplement with Tribulus Terrestris extract directly, you can.  There are a variety of tablets, capsules, and Tribulus Terrestris powders for sale on the market from all over the world.  Please take care when researching what supplement you’re buying and where it is coming from.  It’s best to pay the extra buck and buy from an American or European country to avoid getting scammed as government export regulations in the Western Hemisphere are far more strict than those from the Eastern world.

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