Tribulus Terrestris Benefits

Tribulus Terrestris benefits

Back in April we talked about the side effects of tribulus terrestris.  We got lost in all of the different supplements that we’re excited to offer you and managed to forget about the tribulus terrestris benefits!  Well, wait no longer, Vaxxen fans!  Today we’re going to cover the best tribulus terrestris side effects and explain why we’ve come to use it in our Descend product line.  By the end of today’s blog post, not only will you be able to say the difficult name of “tribulus terrestris” but you’ll be able to explain to your fitness buddies why they should be using it, especially since the side effects we talked about are so rare and mild!

Recovery with Tribulus Terrestris

Perhaps the most overlooked step to a successful supplement stack cycle is the recovery stage.  Many of us are quick to want to gain the muscle we’re looking for and get caught up in the daily ins and outs of bulking.  The thing you need to remember is that the rest period is just as important.  Post cycle therapy is an underrated part of fitness.  Descend and competing products use tribulus terrestris to help you recover, returning your internal organs back to their pre-cycle, optimal operational levels.  Tribulus Terrestris is included in this post cycle therapy cocktail so that you’re able to maintain sperm count if you’re a male and bring back sexual drive if you’re a female!

Top Three Tribulus Terrestris Benefits

The truth about tribulus terrestris is that it can do more than just protect your sperm count and sex drive.  While that’s certainly important, it’s not nearly as important as your overall health.  Let’s take a look at the top 4 proven benefits provided by tribulus terrestris consumption…

  1. Blood Sugar Regulation – The unfortunate truth is that blood sugar spikes and/or drops are frequent when you’re dabbling in fitness and body building supplementation. TT has been proven to bring your blood sugar back to “normal” levels.  So much so that TT is now frequently used in medication prescribed to people with diabetes or hypoglycemia!
  2. Blood Pressure Regulation and Hypertension Relief – Not to be outdone by the blood sugar regulation, blood pressure regulation is another glorious benefit of TT supplementation. In this linked study, the natural herb was found to improve blood pressure levels throughout all of the essential internal organs.  Much like blood sugar, blood pressure is adversely effected by a variety of supplements we use to build muscle and lose weight.
  3. Sperm Strength and Libido – It’s already been mentioned but we figured you’d wish to see a study proving our outlandish claims. Sperm count and sexual libido are probably the two most adversely affected things when it comes to supplementation.  Thankfully, TT has been proven to almost completely negate those effects, preventing prolonged issues and getting you back into the game in no time.  After all, it’s important to be able to show off that hot new bod you’ve built without losing any of the luster you typically can muster when the bedroom door closes!


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