Top 5 Hawthorn Berry Benefits

hawthorn berry benefits

Getting back to one of the lesser known supplements that can be used to help aid you on your quest for the perfect beach body, hawthorn berry benefits is that it’s known to be effective among many models and bodybuilders around the world.  Hawthorn berry extract dosing has ramped up wildly over the past decade or so and with good reason!  The berry is derived from the hawthorn bushes that are natural indigenous to Europe, Asia, and North America.  Being that these bushes are so commonplace and can grow in about half of the world’s regions, the price of hawthorn berry as a supplement is really quite modest in comparison to many of the substances we talk about when it comes to health and fitness.

The Top Five Benefits of Hawthorn Berry

  1. Rich with antioxidants. Like most fruits and vegetables, the hawthorn berry is loaded with antioxidants.  Particularly useful when it comes to the eradication of free radicals, the antioxidants derived from hawthorn berry extract are commonly used in anti-aging remedies such as lotions and oils marketed to aging women around the world [1].
  2. Weight loss aid. Hawthorn berry is a natural hunger suppressant.  Convincing your body that it is not time to eat is one half of the equation when it comes to rapid weight loss.  (The other half being exercise)

Secondarily, the antioxidant properties have been found to noticeably enhance the metabolic rate of digestion in rats.  We’re less than 1% genetically different than rats so it’s pretty safe to say that healthy doses of hawthorn berry will boost your metabolism as well [2].  This is probably the most desirable effect for the models and bodybuilders.

  1. Some of the antioxidants found in the fruit will help with your blood pressure. The inside of your body benefits just like the outside of your body so it’s not too shocking to find out that the cardiovascular system improves while hawthorn berry is in your daily regimen [3].

NOTE: Negative effects have been recorded for those already on blood pressure medication.  If you’re on some sort of blood pressure medication presently, speak with your doctor before adding hawthorn berry to your macros.

  1. Improved vision. Much like other fruits and veggies, hawthorn berry has been found to improve your vision by elevating the level of vitamin A in your system.  (There are also reports correlating vitamin A to the prevention of cataracts!)
  2. Speaking of vitamin A, your cells are stronger because of it! The regenerative properties directly supported by vitamin A are endless.  Your cells are able to regenerate and multiple more quickly while your vitamin A levels are at their peak.  This is why vitamin A is often administered through that mix in a drip bag at the hospital after surgery!  The more you know…

It’s Berry Helpful

(I’m so clever.)  The next time you’re making your rounds and looking to load up on supplements, keep hawthorn berry in mind.  We recommend our PILLAR product as it’s already got the unique mix of other supplements you need to maximize your muscle gains and fight off unwanted fat gain.  The hawthorn berry extract just helps push it up to the top of your list!


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