Top 4 Saw Palmetto Benefits for Women

Saw Palmetto benefits for women

By now you probably know about saw palmetto or at least understand that it’s an ingredient in a lot of different cycle support supplements.  We use it in our Pillar product, which protects and preserves your body’s organs from the negative side effects of strenuous training and nutritional supplementation.  Pillar is on cycle support that helps your liver repair and detoxify during your cycle, while also keeping your blood pressure under control.

The saw palmetto we include in our Pillar line has been included to protect both men and women.  We’ve already written a pretty in-depth blog about the benefits men realize from saw palmetto supplementation.  We’ve also been forth coming with the side effects of saw palmetto supplementation as well as the amount of saw palmetto you should be ingesting.  Today, it’s time for the ladies.  Let’s take a look at the top four benefits saw palmetto supplementation can provide for women…

  1. Prevent unwanted testosterone.

Yes, this is an unfortunate truth when it comes to hardcore supplementing.  Women will often start to have higher levels of testosterone than inherently possible.  The excessive testosterone will lead to unwanted hair growth in areas that hair doesn’t usually grow, a deeper voice, a harsher complexion, and personalitlity change.  Saw palmetto will alter hirsutism and regular the testosterone hormone to prevent nasty side effects [1].


  1. Prevent hair loss.

It’s almost comical to mention this right after we say saw palmetto can prevent hair growth due to excessive testosterone, but this is definitely something that women can embrace.  As we age, we all start to struggle with hair loss.  Middle aged women can notice the same thinning as men do, it’s just less “socially acceptable” and therefore more embarrassing.  Thankfully, you can keep your confidence and prevent hair loss just by supplementing with saw palmetto [2].

  1. Acne reduction.

That’s right!  Just as saw palmetto can regular testosterone, it can regulate DHT hormone.  Typically, unregulated DHT hormone means high levels of sebum buildup in the skin, resulting in unsightly acne, particularly on the face and shoulders [3].

  1. Promote bladder health.

As women hit their stride, particularly after giving birth, they struggle with bladder disease.  Saw palmetto allows for a river of urine to flow freely, without pain, and reduces the risk of “accidents” – even when you sneeze or cough!  It kind of goes without saying that bladder strength is essential for self confidence [4]

Why Women Should Use Pillar

We strongly suggest that you take Pillar whenever you are taking strong supplements.  Pillar will assist in protecting your organs and in supporting their healthy functioning.  Taking care of what’s on the inside is just as important as how the outside looks! Taking Pillar will provide your body with notable health benefits and the saw palmetto will help prevent or protect against annoying side effects that may otherwise go unaddressed when supplementing with strong substances.  The common misconception is that Pillar is a product that only men would be interested in but that’s simply not the case.  Try it for yourself!


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