Theobromine Effects: Happy and Alert

theobromine effects

On May 11th we posted a blog about a substance that most of you have never even heard of before, theobromine.  While we explained exactly what theobromine was and we feel we didn’t do a really good job in explaining what it does and what we use it for.  In an effort to remove any sort of smoke in mirrors feeling, we wanted to explain to our readers exactly what theobromine does and why we are so in love with it.

Medical Studies with Theobromine

Theobromine has been tested in a variety of studies on both humans and other animals such as chimpanzees, monkeys, rats, and mice.  Though the levels of theobromine administered needed to be changed based on the sizes of the patients, most clinical trials seem to indicate similar results, regardless of species or size.

Improved cognitive function – Critical thinking skills and memory improvement were both found among theobromine consumers.  This particular study states that theobromine is to be considered one of the most attractive molecules that we can extract from cocoa [1].  Pretty fascinating since we already extract a variety of other ingredients from cocoa plants.  It should be cheap and easy to get!

Mood enhancing properties – Much like caffeine, theobromine has been linked to mood enhancement.  Elevated levels of caffeine and/or theobromine will provide bursts of energy used to make a person even more alert and less negative or weary when it comes to undesirable situations [2].

Clear emotions – The same study finds that those who consume elevated levels of theobromine are more in touch with the main feelings based off of questions in an administered quiz.  Studies like this one have led to the belief that theobromine can be used in antidepressants and SSRs for those struggling with depression and anxiety.  Being in touch with the positive internal emotions will lead to a happier lifestyle, no matter the age [2].

Theobromine In Body Building and Weight Loss

Go eat some chocolate!  No, seriously.  Theobromine is naturally found in chocolate.  The richer the chocolate, the more all natural theobromine you’ll be ingesting.  Since theobromine is a healthy alternative to caffeine, it’s suggested that if you are going to snack on garbage, better make it chocolate.  The small chocolate snack will actually make you more alert and give you an energy boost, not unlike a cup of caffeine rich coffee would do [3].  You can use this energy boost to help suppress hunger and provide a little more oomph during your next workout or jog.  If you’re not a chocolate fan or just don’t want that unwanted calorie boost, no worries.  You can get theobromine capsules to provide you with that same boost in energy.  Caffeine often comes with a bit of a crash and sometimes even addiction.  You’re far less likely to encounter either of those if you start utilizing theobromine and now that we know it comes from cocoa, it’s super easy to obtain, driving down the prices for the end consumers like you!


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