Theobromine Benefits and Where to Buy Theobromine

theobromine benefits

It feels like we’re about due to talk to you about the benefits of theobromine.  We’ve already advertised that we utilize theobromine in our products.  Because of that, you already know what theobromine is and where you should look if you want to buy some of your own theobromine.

Being one of the lesser known and more powerful supplements out on the market, theobromine comes wildly misunderstood and is met with skepticism.  Take it from the folks here at Vaxxen, if you want to get the most out of your other supplements, leaving theobromine out is a mistake.

How is it a Mistake to Skip Theobromine?

Been missing out on theobromine?  Don’t fret, it’s not too late and you definitely aren’t alone.  Theobromine is first and foremost a cardiovascular improving supplement.  When you increase the theobromine levels in your system, the veins in your body will clear and become more active.  Widening the tubes that carry your blood will help streamline the delivery system so that the other supplements you take are more effective.  Not only will you notice the benefits of your other supplements sooner, but they’re going to be almost fully used.  The majority of the supplementation that you use at this point gets wasted.  – You can only hope that your body absorbs 50% of what you put in to it!

The Other Benefits of Theobromine

Improving blood flow throughout your body is only the beginning.  Theobromine comes with a number of other big ticket benefits that get lost in the shuffle.  Let’s take a look at what we feel are the five most important benefits apart from the improved blood flow and delivery system…


  1. Improved Brain Function – In this particular study, over the course of 30 days, individuals showed noticeable improvement when encountering thought provoking tasks. As a side benefit, the individuals participating in the study all reported less mental fatigue after consuming the theobromine rich products [1].
  2. Natural Antioxidant – Proven to be a natural antioxidant, theobromine has reportedly been shown to reduce the amount of toxins in the bloodstream. This probably explains part of the improved cardiovascular function, but it is mentioned separately as toxins in your bloodstream can lead to other issues… like cancer [2].
  3. Anti-inflammatory Properties – Over the past few years, theobromine can be found in inhaler medication to help patients suffering from asthma. Multiple studies like this one have repeatedly proven the enhanced lung capacity and airflow as a result of theobromine supplementation.  The inflammation lessens with persistent use [3].
  4. Decreased Blood Pressure – That is a link to a seriously thorough study. If there is any doubt in your mind that theobromine isn’t good for your blood pressure after that, you must be illiterate.  It doesn’t just decrease your blood pressure a little bit.  It decreases your blood pressure a LOT a bit [4].  New blood pressure medication uses theobromine as an active ingredient.
  5. Decreased Cholesterol – A lot of times cholesterol levels and blood pressure levels run hand in hand. Not unlike the new blood pressure medications being prescribed to ill patients, high cholesterol patients are receiving prescriptions to similar medications!


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