How to Take Milk Thistle

how to take milk thistle

As we’ve briefly alluded to before, there are two different ways that are common to the fitness freaks for milk thistle ingestion.  The most common way is through pill supplementation.  Capsules are available at your local drug stores and maybe even supermarket.  The second way is for those who aren’t fond of swallowing pills.  There are a special few blended teas available on the market that are milk thistle infused.  When consumed as advertised, these teas will give you the same benefits that the capsules will.

The benefits realized by either method vary, as we’ve already discussed.  The one true constant is that milk thistle is perfect for liver and kidney protection.  That’s why body builders all around the world turn to milk thistle to prevent liver disease and kidney damage after taking even the most harsh and serious supplements [1]!

I Want to Supplement with Milk Thistle Capsules!

Definitely the easiest way to add any supplement to your daily routine.  Capsules allow you to continue the same life style you’ve been living without any real intrusion.  Capsules aren’t going to add calories to your diet, they won’t require anything in the way of preparation, and they are only going to take two seconds of your time to swallow and wash down with a swig of water.

The most common issue that people have when it comes to capsule or tablet supplementation is that they are easy to lose and easy to forget about.  We suggest developing some sort of routine once or twice a day, depending on the different supplements you want to take.  One a day supplements, like milk thistle, should be consumed with a meal or with your protein shake.  Whatever you do, try to do it the very same way every single day so that it becomes routine and more difficult to forget about.

I Want to Supplement with Milk Thistle Tea!

Milk thistle infused tea is a little bit more expensive than buying the capsules straight up, but still not too bad.  The tea may not be readily available so you’re going to way to buy it online.  As always, only shop on a site that you recognize and buy products from reputable companies with positive reviews.

Once you’ve got your tea, you need to set up a routine not unlike the way your capsule counterparts will have.  It’s best to get your milk thistle at the same time every day so that your body maximizes the supplementation and your liver sees optimal benefits.  Set aside 15 minutes to prepare and drink your tea every day.

What to Watch For

It IS possible to overdose on milk thistle.  While it takes quite a bit more than the dosage recommended on your packaging, it’s not impossible.  Be careful not to drink more than your one cup of milk thistle tea every day.  For those of you supplementing with capsules, you’re really going to have to pay attention.  Make sure that you are familiar with the directions provided on the bottle and not to take more than the recommended amount.  If you believe you or somebody else has overdosed, seek medical attention immediately as symptoms are not the same for everybody.


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