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saw palmetto

A couple of weeks ago, we talked to you about serenoa repens, or saw palmetto, and the benefits it has for women.  While the benefits we spoke about in that article are certainly very appealing and something that all women need to keep in mind when they are searching for supplements, there are a number of other uses for the ripened fruit extract.  With that said, today we’re going to go in a different direction than we typically do.  Let’s take a look at the different use cases for saw palmetto outside the fitness and personal health realm…

Saw Palmetto for Your Face

A number of beauty product line companies have hopped on the restorative benefits of saw palmetto band wagon.  You can find a variety of oils with serenoa repens as the main ingredient.  Cleansing oils from all over the world have been flooding the market so make sure you do your due diligence and research the hell out of the different products you might be considering applying to your face.  With that in mind, pore cleaning, deep skin cleansers are definitely increasingly more popular and even world famous models are making it a point to use these all natural oils to keep their skin looking smoother, younger, and more vibrant.

Are you plagued with acne?  Do you happen to have a child going through puberty?  Deep pore cleansers aren’t the only saw palmetto based beauty products hitting the market today [1].  A number of acne sprays and creams are also available at modest prices.  As with the cleansing oils, you should make sure you understand what you’re buying and that you’re not getting scammed by some second rate company from the middle east somewhere.

Saw Palmetto as an Organic Surface Cleaner

It would appear that your skin isn’t the only thing saw palmetto can help shine.  Natural cleaning agents are relatively new and can be purchased through a variety of the regular stores you’d visit for your synthetic cleaners.  The green movement has brought forth a wave of organic products that you’ve never really considered using before.  Corporations that have created oven cleaners, bathroom chemicals, and kitchen soaps have all turned to all natural ingredients to build organic cleaning agents.  Not only are the ingredients often cheaper than many of the lab-made chemicals, but they’re usually food safe.  Restaurants around the world have made it a point to implement a strict policy when it comes to using cleaning agents in and around the food service area.

More About Saw Palmetto

We don’t want to lose focus of who we are, here at Vaxxen.  We know why you read these blog posts and we understand that you come here for advice regarding health, fitness, and bodybuilding.  We leverage the benefits of saw palmetto to support prostate health, liver rejuvenation, and even cancer prevention [2].  If you’re interested in learning more of what saw palmetto can do for you, check out this post about importance of post cycle therapy.  As always, we’ve taken the time to point out the potential side effects as well.


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