Saw Palmetto Benefits for Men

saw palmetto benefits

The Saw Palmetto tree is a native tree in the United States that grows mostly along the Eastern coast. It has a spikey exterior, but the seeds have significant medicinal benefits. The seeds have a high concentration of fatty acids and Saw Palmetto extract also can dramatically improve hormone balance. Saw Palmetto benefits are primarily experienced by men.

But, research has shown that Saw Palmetto extract can be highly beneficial for women who suffer from PCOS because of its ability to balance hormones. Saw Palmetto extract can also help alleviate common coughs and colds and help support the respiratory system to decrease the symptoms of chronic asthma. It also can help decrease the severity of migraine headache. The wide range of benefits for both men and women make Saw Palmetto an ideal health supplement to include in your diet, although men tend to see the most significant benefits from the supplement. Saw Palmetto benefits for men include:

Fighting Hair Loss

Saw Palmetto primarily effects the endocrine system in the body and stimulates the production of hormones. The balancing of hormones can help stop hair loss and even stimulate hair growth in men. Many men start taking Saw Palmetto extract when they notice that their hair is thinning to help prevent baldness [1].

Increasing Testosterone with Saw Palmetto Extract

Saw Palmetto stimulates the production of testosterone in men. This leads to many beneficial physical effects such as increasing libido, treating impotence, and giving men a general feeling of vitality that many men start to lose as they get older. Saw Palmetto is one of the most often recommended supplements for men as they approach middle age to keep them feeling young and support sexual health. Saw Palmetto can also boost muscle mass when taken regularly, thanks to the boost of testosterone [2].

Saw Palmetto Benefits May Decrease Prostate Cancer Risk

Another benefit of taking Saw Palmetto extract is that it decreases the risk of prostate cancer in men. Many men who have had prostrate cancer and beaten it take Saw Palmetto to lower the chances of that cancer recurring. Taking Saw Palmetto is a great way for men to lower their risk of prostate cancer as they get older [3].

Supporting Urinary Function

Urinary function is something that tends to decrease with age. That’s why incontinence is one of the most common problems that affect seniors, especially senior men. Taking a Saw Palmetto supplement can help keep the urinary system in the body strong and can lower the risk of developing incontinence related to normal aging. Men who start taking Saw Palmetto in middle age can dramatically improve urinary function. Senior men who regularly take Saw Palmetto can keep an already-healthy urinary tract healthy; and those who have urinary problems may be able to use Saw Palmetto extract to improve their urinary tract health [4].


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