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6 Red Yeast Rice Benefits

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red yeast rice benefits
Last modified: August 14th, 2018 12:00 pm

Once in a while we reach deep in to our bag of various supplements and pull something out that we think our readers have never really considered or even heard of before.  Today is an example of one of those times.  Red yeast rice extract is something that Chinese medicine has been wielding for hundreds to thousands of years because of the various red yeast rice benefits.  If that doesn’t showcase a thorough success history, I’m not sure what would.  The Chinese have used the extract of red yeast rice to treat obesity and high cholesterol for as long as semi-modern medicine has been around!

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The 6 Benefits of Red Yeast Rice

1 – Cholesterol reduction.  It turns out that those ancient Chinese medicine men were on to something.  The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health has publicly supported hundreds of different studies proving that red yeast rice extract does in fact relieve people of hyperlipidemia, or high cholesterol.  The extract caries substantial amounts of monacolin K which is the active ingredient in hyperlipidemia relief medications prescribed all around the world!

2 – Improves heart function.  Taking the cholesterol thing a step further, red yeast rice extract has been proven to lower mortality rates in people that have suffered at least one heart attack.  One study found published in the American Journal of Cardiology found that treatment cut the risk of additional heart attacks down by 50% after being found safe and preferred by 5000 humans who had suffered from at least one heart attack prior to the long term red yeast rice treatment.

3 – Natural anti-inflammatory aid.  Another study proved out the natural anti-inflammatory effects of red yeast rice when ingested in large quantities.  This isn’t the only study of it’s kind as it’s now common to find red yeast rice extract in various antibiotics prescribed for infection and swollen glands.

4 – Strengthens bone structure.  The same study found that patients participating in the study saw a healthy increase in bone density and health, which was a previously unmeasured affect of red yeast rice dosing.

5 – Reduce obesity. More work needs to be done before we can confidently say this has been proven out 100% but it definitely looks good when you take a look at published studies from the past few years.  It would appear that consuming red yeast like that found in red yeast rice reduces obesity.  By counter-acting the fats in a gross diet that can cause extreme weight gain, the red yeast helps to limit the pounds that would normally be put on.  This doesn’t mean that by supplementing with red yeast rice extract, you’re off the hook and free to eat a gallon of ice cream every night this week!  That said, it WOULD mean that you can use red yeast rice extract if you’re desperate to lose weight and are too weak-willed to give up all the sweets.

6 – Cancer deflection.  Yep, you read that correctly.  Simply adding red yeast rice to your supplementation regimen will help fight off cancer cells.  As recently as 2012, the main substance in red yeast rice was proven to kill of cancer cells in mince.  Ongoing studies will demonstrate these powerful effects in more detail, in hopes to cure the cancer epidemic.

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