What is Post Cycle Therapy?

what is post cycle therapy

A phrase that we’ve been mentioning more and more often lately but haven’t really delved in to, post cycle therapy is something that everybody needs to understand and most of you should probably be practicing.  It’s entirely possible that some of our readers practice post cycle therapy without even knowing what it is.  It’s also possible that you don’t have a clue what it is, aren’t utilizing post cycle therapy practices, and should definitely be well versed and professional post cycle therapists.  Let’s take a deep dive so that you can better decide if your supplementation efforts require some sort of post cycle therapy treatment and what kind of therapy that may be…

The Definition of Post Cycle Therapy

Post Cycle Therapy is, at it’s core, the term we use to describe side effect prevention and treatment after we’ve completed a supplementation cycle.  Fitness and body building extremist understand that their rest periods need to consist of serious post cycle therapy to avoid the agonizing and embarrassing side effects of heavy supplementation.  Use post cycle therapy treatments to reregulate your hormone levels and normalize your system.

Reregulate Hormones?  Normalize?  What?!

Don’t get too caught up on the wording.  If you’ve been supplementing with testosterone or supplements that lead to an increase of testosterone production, you really need to start considering post cycle therapy products.  Your natural hormonal levels are going to be way out of whack and until you get them under control you could start to see some seriously unwanted side effects.  Men could grow breasts, women can get a deeper voice or grow dark hair where they’ve never really had to worry about it growing, and both genders can experience unfamiliar mood swings and mental states [1].

What to Use for Post Cycle Therapy

Most readers will want something like this when it comes to their post cycle therapy treatments.  It’s not likely that you’ve been pumping yourself full of illegal steroids and human growth hormone.  For you, this “mixed bag” of hormone regulation and antioxidant rich ingredients is going to be enough to do the trick.  Be sure to take Descend, or whatever you purchase, daily and as instructed by the label on the carton.

If you’ve decided to dabble in the world of anabolic steroid supplementation and have participated in direct human growth hormone injection, you are going to need something a little stronger and a little more serious [2].  The types of post cycle therapy supplements and plan you need will vary based on the type of steroids you’ve been using, the frequency with which you’ve been partaking, and the dosage you’ve been ingesting.  In all honesty, you should probably consult with a physician to decide what’s going to be best for you.

Each and every one of you should consider the effects that the supplements you’ve been taking could have on your body.  Post cycle therapy is something that everybody should practice, in some form or another.  Take a look at this post from a couple of weeks ago to better understand the ingredients that will best help yo


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