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Since we started this blog, we’ve briefly mentioned the ingredient octopamine; Usually when we’re talking about our Cinerate line.  In true Vaxxen fashion, we want to shed some light on our inner workings and take a moment to explain why we use octopamine in our products, what it does the moment you ingest it, how it works with the other ingredients in Cinerate, and what you are getting out of the combo platter.  Since Cinerate is such a popular product for individuals trying to maximize weight loss AND for those who are trying to get the most out of their pre workout supplementation, it’s probably a good idea to discuss the main ingredients.

(For reference, check out our post about hordenine, this one about bioperine, this one about n-acetyl, and this review of caffeine anhydrous side effects.)

Why We Use Octopamine

Perhaps in the future we will write up a post on the side effects of too much octopamine.  Today, we’ve taken the liberty to make up this comprehensive list of benefits for you to review:

  • Improves endurance.  Octopamine, especially when combined with other mood and body enhancing stimulants, has been found to increase the length of time individuals can exercise without succumbing to fatigue [1].
  • Increases metabolism.  Octopamine has been found to increase the metabolic rate in the body, allowing for enhanced fat burn and improved food digestion.  By promoting healthy nutrient synthesis, the digestive system is able to really thrive, leading to a clean system and faster metabolism [2].  
    • The healthier the digestive system, the better the other supplements perform.
    • Speeding your metabolism will promote carb burn as well as muscle build through protein synthesis.
    • Increased metabolism can increase the effectiveness of antioxidants . [3]

Note:  Some studies suggest that elevated levels of octopamine can promote healthy sleep patterns as well as enhance moods and limit mood swings but evidence hasn’t been overwhelmingly conclusive so we don’t want to lift it as a guaranteed benefit just yet.

When Combining Octopamine…

  • …with tyramine, you will have compounded success on the effects of preferential chemical synapses and muscle contractility [4].
  • …with synephrine, you will not only be able to speed your metabolism, resulting in fat burn, but you’ll be promoting muscle gains.  Make sure you keep plenty of protein in your diet and there will be few stacks more effective to promote muscle gain and fat burn simultaneously [5].
  • …with hordenine and/or caffeine, you will really increase the amount of fat burn you can accomplish [6].  By keeping intensely focused and motivated while simultaneously increasing your endurance levels, you will be able to reach levels of caloric deficits that you’ve never dreamed up, allowing the stubborn fat deposits to literally melt away.

Alternative to Cinerate

Admittedly, Cinerate isn’t for everybody.  There are two main types of fitness people: cardio lovers/fat burners and weight lifters/body builders.  Purposefully manufactured with both groups in mind, Cinerate can provide the stack both groups can use to help reach their goals.  That said, if you wish to focus more specifically on burning off fat or on bulking up, you may want to make your own supplement cocktail.  Octopamine supplements are available in different doses on the market, so try to find what would be best to suit you!


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