What is Nettle Root Extract?

what is nettle root extract

We talked to you about the benefits[i] of nettle root extract back in May.  Hopefully the key note that you pulled from the blog post was that nettle root extract benefits testosterone levels[ii] and regulation.  Keep the benefits in mind when you explore what nettle root extract is.  You will find the extract used in a variety of on cycle support and post cycle recovery supplements, similar to our Descend product.  It’s important for hardcore athletes to bring their hormone levels back to reasonable levels before permanent and irreversible damage is caused.  Males especially need to consider post cycle, recovery products.

We’re not here to lecture you today.  Instead, we want to help our readers understand what nettle root extract is and where it comes from.


Stinging Nettle Root

Found all over the world, the stinging nettle is a naturally occurring and thriving plant from which nettle root extract is harvested.  Though the look may slightly differ based on geographic location, the chemical makeup is almost identical.  Being native to Europe, Asia, northern Africa, and North America, allows for the production and operation of stinging nettle farms all across the globe.  Thankfully, for the fitness supplementation and pharmaceutical industries, this means a decrease in pricing due to high rates of production and agricultural competition.

Urtica dioica, or stinging nettle, is usually a fern like plantae with tens of thousands of small, stinging hairs.  These hairs are known as trichomes.  The trichomes line the stem and leaves alike, snagging at animal furs and human skin, injecting histamine to cause the rather unpleasant stinging sensation as a form of defense.

History of Stinging Nettles

Like with many of our ingredients used in supplementation, the stinging nettle has a rich history of consumption by humans.  The ancient Chinese used paste containing stinging nettle extract on infected wounds and severe burns to help ward off insects.  In more recent times, stinging nettles have been used in various health teas and foods.

Over the past two decades, big pharma has been leveraging the benefits of nettle root extract in medicines prescribed for anemics and people with various bleeding disorders.  These medicines wildly increase the iron efficiency in the blood stream.  It’s not uncommon for hospitals to use nettle root extract rich medicines post-surgery for individuals that experienced heavy blood loss.  Maximizing the healing process is critical after surgery.

Stinging Nettle Supplements

As with most of the ingredients we use here at Vaxxen, nettle root extract is undeniably effective and entirely organic.  Natural ingredients help decrease the chances of carcinogens and most plant-derived ingredients seem to contain natural antioxidants as a bonus.  Nettle root extract comes with very minor side effects that are more than tolerable if used in moderation.  The moderation part is key.  You are unlikely to realize any side effects at all if you use intelligent doses and don’t go beyond the recommended amounts.  To be certain you’re able to maximize benefits without risk of side effects, we recommend sticking to supplements with pre-determined doses like Descend[iii]!  No fuss, no worries.  Just results.




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