Nettle Root Extract Side Effects

nettle root extract side effects

Quite a while back, we told you all about the four benefits of nettle root extract that you really needed to know about when it comes to body building and fitness supplementation.  Today, we’re going to cover the three very real side effects of nettle root extract, especially when it comes to body building and fitness supplementation.  Many of the products we introduce to you are double edged swords if gone unchecked.  That’s certainly the case in regards to nettle root.  Thankfully, you can counteract some of the nettle root extract side effects by taking on cycle support supplements and staying extremely hydrated.


3 Very Real Side Effects of Nettle Root Extract

  1. Lower Blood Sugar Levels – Somebody who has diabetes or is already concerned with blood sugar levels needs to monitor internal vitals very closely. As proven in this study published by the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health[1], documented and completed back in 2016, the stinging nettle can directly cause a decrease in glucose levels within the body.  The last thing you want to do is go in to diabetic shock, so please administer carefully and monitor closely.

People without diabetes can also suffer from a decreased level of blood sugar.  You may feel tired or worn out and irritable.  On cycle support supplements can help you prevent the decrease in energy and irritability.


  1. Lower Blood Pressure [2]– Seemingly a reoccurring theme when it comes to natural supplements, low blood pressure rears its ugly head yet again. The stinging nettle extract is actually used in medications to help decrease blood pressure in people who suffer from high blood pressure.  Undeniably effective, if you already suffer from weak blood pressure levels, you should avoid nettle root supplementation at all costs, at least until you’ve had a discussion with your primary physician.


  1. Kidney Stones/Kidney Disease – The side effect you need to be aware of is kidney stones. There has not been a proven correlation between nettle root extract supplementation and the development of kidney stones.  We still feel that there are enough reported cases from users around the world that it cannot be ignored.  If you are going to supplement, please monitor your urine and check for kidney pain.  Prolonged use of most supplements can lead to at least minor levels of kidney disease so it’s not out of the realm of possibility that something like nettle root could lead to stones.


Monitor All Supplements

If you’re interested in adding nettle root and/or nettle root extract to your macros that you’re not already unknowingly supplementing in one of your other tablets or powders.  It’s a relatively common ingredient once you start to delve into the world of health and fitness supplementation so you don’t want to accidentally double up on something that could lead to adverse side effects.  Take a gander at the ingredients list for everything you put in to your body and make sure you know what the effects and side effects are, as well as whether or not you can mix supplements!


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