Nettle Root Extract Benefits

nettle root extract benefits

Delving even further into the realm of natural supplementation, nettle root extract, sometimes known as stinging nettle root extract, is a substance that we utilize in some of our fitness concoctions.  Since we aim to provide our customers with cutting edge supplementation without creating products that can cause harmful side effects, Vaxxen has been routinely and actively researching the best ingredients to include in our supplements.  Nettle root extract is no exception and we wish to discuss some of the more positive benefits of using it to influence your realization of fitness goals.

The Four Very Real Benefits of Nettle Root Extract

  1. Perhaps this isn’t really a fitness benefit that will help you lift more weights or build that beach body that you’re craving, but it’s definitely worth mentioning, being the benefit that even somebody who actively avoids exercise will realize… iron efficiency. Stinging nettle extract is prescribed for people with anemia or other bleeding disorders as it’s so incredibly high in iron.  Not only are medicines prescribed that include nettle root extract as an active ingredient, but you can optionally use the 100% organic and natural substance as a dietary supplement [1]
    , sprinkling some powder in your food mixes or simply taking a capsule with your daily lunch!
  2. Body builders love nettle root extract because it’s been found to have positive effects on testosterone. Obviously this is only beneficial for males because women don’t have much in the way of testosterone to speak of and the nettle root extract doesn’t CREATE testosterone so much as it improves already EXISTING testosterone levels within the body.  By promoting the prostate gland health, nettle root extract allows for the increase in testosterone production.  The weaker the prostate, the lower the testosterone levels produced within the body [2].
  3. Like a variety of the substances we’ve been known to use as ingredients in our supplements, nettle root extract pulls in much of the antioxidants naturally found in the nettle plant’s leaves [3]. These antioxidants improve blood flow, blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and make you feel more energized.  Increased energy leads to improved cognitive function and allows us to physically get the most out of our workouts without feeling like we’re going to die half way through.
  4. In a similar way that the nettle root helps us have the energy to get through our day or intense workout sessions, the nettle root extract powder that we use in our Descend product influences recovery. By utilizing nettle root in our product, we’re leveraging the antioxidants and testosterone boost to speed recovery times and bring our systems back to optimal levels.  Assisting with the rebalance and forcing the body to typical hormonal levels will help you fight off fatigue, cramping, and muscle soreness.

It’s not uncommon for nettle root therapy and medicines to be prescribed in the western world to treat joint ailments and tendon pain.  Since it’s so effective influencing prostate health, it’s probably not surprising to find that it’s at least somewhat effective in the treatment of urinary tract infections and bladder infections.  Unless you intake a seriously ridiculous amount of the extract, there are no negative side effects!


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