Mucuna Pruriens – What is it?

what is mucuna pruriens

We made it a point to extensively cover the hard truths of mucuna pruriens this summer.  We told you about the benefits and how you should be using it to enhance your workouts through elevated testosterone and energy levels.  We warned you about the different side effects that need to be taken in to consideration when experimenting and supplementing with mucuna pruriens.  In a related blog post, we went over the correct dosage amounts for a successful supplementation plan.  Most recently, we even told you where you should go when you’re looking to purchase your mucuna pruriens!

Today, we’re going to round off our discussions by explaining what it is, how it’s made, and the different processes that go in to manufacturing your mucuna pruriens.

Mucuna Pruriens is 100% Organic Beans

Mucuna pruriens supplementation is derived from the mucuna pruriens legume.  The legume, or beans/peas, thrive in the hottest and most humid environments.  Central African and tropical Asian countries have been leading producers of mucuna pruriens beans for hundreds to thousands of years.  The bean is of a dark red or purple color and can look almost black, growing on a thin stem, hanging off of the branches of the mucuna pruriens bush-plant.

As a sprout, the plant is typically covered in fuzz not dissimilar to what you’d find on a peach.  As the plant matures, the fuzz gives way to paper-esque leaves.  The leaves are small, grooved with pointy tips, and can be rather fragile.  At the top of the plants, forms a vibrant lavender flower in adulthood.  As a general rule, if you see the flower, the beans are ripe for the picking.


Mucuna Pruriens Extract

Farms around Africa and Asia are either owned by big pharma or sell to big pharma.  Pharmaceutical companies tend to control the market when it comes to mucuna pruriens, not unlike other all-natural ingredients used in medicine and wellness products.  Beans are harvested and the “extract” is procured through various means.  The extract contains L-DOPA, serotonin, bufotenine, and other beneficial alkaloids.  The same ingredients can be found in mucuna pruriens seeds but in trace amounts, not really useful for medicinal or supplemental production operations.


From the Field to Your Gullet

Mucuna pruriens is available for purchase in a variety of forms.  Daily capsules are available for consumption, just make sure you follow the dosage instructions on the bottle.  If you’re the type of person that struggles to remember to take a pill every day, we recommend sticking with the powder.  You can mix your mucuna pruriens supplement in with your pre workout shake if you want to give yourself an edge when you get to the gym[1].  Lotions and oils have been a new and more edgy way to get your mucuna pruriens supplementation.  Females especially may find the organic lotions a welcome change from all the oral ingestion supplementation options that have dominated the marketplace for the past few decades.  Or… continue with your Vaxxen products like Descend to get the perfectly formulated supplements you need, including mucuna pruriens!



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