Milk Thistle for Weight Loss

milk thistle for weight loss

Recently, we went in to some detail about what milk thistle is and we also talked about the proper milk thistle dosage for those of us adding it to our supplementation regimen.  Today we intend to build on those talks by really explaining how you can leverage milk thistle supplementation for weight loss.  If you’ve been packing on a few extra pounds of fat with all that muscle you’ve gained, this blog post will be something you need to take seriously.  For the rest of you reading, don’t think you should just skip on by.  Milk thistle is likely an all-natural solution for you to help get rid of the most stubborn of visceral fat deposits.

When You Take Milk Thistle

  • Do not get discouraged and quit after just a couple of weeks. The capsules that you’re swallowing do more than just help you lose weight.  They assist in counteracting all the negative effects that some other supplements you’re consuming are having on your liver and kidneys.  Milk Thistle needs to be taken daily for a minimum of three weeks before you start to really see the weight-loss effects, but your liver and kidneys will notice a difference in hours. [1]
  • Do not alter your dosage levels. As there are no known or documented negative effects to taking milk thistle, once you start taking your 150mg to 200mg each day, don’t change it.  Your liver is going to be roughly the same size whether you’re 200 pounds or 450 pounds so the dosage doesn’t need to fluctuate based on weight.  You don’t build a tolerance or resistance of any kind.  You see no benefits by consuming more than the 200mg as your body can’t process any more than what’s in that amount over the course of a 24 hour period.
  • Silymarin in the thistle seed is what helps you lose the weight. Loaded with health promoting antioxidants, your digestive system receives a boost.  Considering the fact that the silymarin jumpstarts your metabolism as well, it’s safe to say the milk thistle properties directly effect weight loss.  Positive weight loss at that.  There is no reason for a crash diet or to do anything else that’s too crazy to enhance the effects of the silymarin.  Simply having it in your system is going to do the trick [2].
  • Stay hydrated. The silymarin makes your digestive system far more effective, meaning you will be using more of what you put in your body.  Keep feeding your system elevated levels of water to ensure that you stay hydrated and that the weight loss you are experiencing is from fat burn and not from dissipation of water weight.
  • Continue working out. Do not cut back and do not stop lifting the weights because you believe the milk thistle is going to help you burn fat and look better.  While it’s true, you will burn off more fat, you will also burn off muscle gains.  Simply keep up with your workouts to counteract the possibility of muscle loss or gain prevention from the milk thistle.


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