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How to Lose Weight for Women

how to lose weight for women

Gender can play an unsettlingly large role in the areas that visceral fat will be stored and build in.  Although both men and women can struggle with visceral fat, women tend to have a bit more of a battle ahead of them.  Especially if a woman has had a child, visceral fat stores are more likely to be extra stubborn.  A child takes so much from a woman’s body, the metabolism will adjust accordingly.  Visceral fat stores build more quickly because the body understands it needs to provide sustenance and energy for two, not just one.  Once a child is born, the unsightly leftovers don’t just fade away on their own. Keep reading to find out how to lose weight for women.

Children aren’t the only reason women tend to struggle with visceral fat.  Women obviously have lower levels of testosterone than men.  They don’t have that natural energy boost.  This is actually compounded once women hit menopause.  Don’t fret though.  Losing weight for women is more difficult, but that can be worn as a badge of honor once you’ve hit your goals!

Most Effective Exercises for Women to Lose Weight

There are a variety of exercises and programs that are more effective for women than men.  This is partially because of the differences in the way we’re wired.  For example, women have extra compressor muscles at the pelvic floor to assist in child birth.  Women also retain water weight in larger quantities and for longer periods of time than men do.  Because of this, the most effective exercises for women often involve small bits of weights with an increase in repetitions, in comparison to men.  Let’s have a look at the top 3:

  1. Squats. Honestly, if you have any sort of social media account, you’ve probably seen some video of somebody doing squats at some point.  It’s a great way for women to firm up their buns while burning off some fat because if you do them correctly, you use the whole core and almost all of your lower body.
  2. Cardio exercise. Yes, “cardio exercise” is very broad and not really a single activity.  You can go for speed walks or jogs, you can ride a bike, use an elliptical, or jump rope!  Swimming is probably the most effect way to work out the entire body with an increased heart rate but pools aren’t always easy to come by.  It really doesn’t matter what exercise you do so long as your heart rate is elevated and you work up a good sweat.  This will help burn off visceral fat, promote heart health, and guarantee a loss in water weight.
  3. Crunches or sit-ups. The single exercise that everybody feels, no matter how fit they are.  Crunches/sit-ups are effective for all people, from either sex, at any age.  Even the most fit and cut people can still get a good workout and feel the burn from crunches.  They just increase the reps and hug a weight while doing them.

Women who are looking to lose weight especially need to include the dreaded stomach crunch in their workout routine.  Visceral fat loves to hang out at a woman’s waistline and crunches or sit-up workouts are the best defense against it! You can try one of our fat burners to help accelerate the process of burning fat off your body, too.

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