How Long Does Protein Powder Last?

how long does protein powder last

If you’re taking any supplements at all, you are already going to be harnessing the amazing powers of protein powder.  If you aren’t, you really need to be.  Seriously, if you’re only going to try to use one type of supplementation, it needs to be protein.  It doesn’t matter if you use whey protein, pea protein, casein protein, or a healthy mix like WheyXX (although of course we recommend WheyXX over other sources of protein!) Keeping elevated levels of protein in your system at all times will provide you with a multitude of desirable benefits.   The three times you should be getting a healthy dose of protein are during meals, directly after working out, and a bit before bed time.  What effects your body realizes and how long protein powder effects last in your system will change based on the time you supplement.

How Long Does Protein Powder Last As a Meal Supplement or Meal Replacement?

Getting a healthy dose of protein when it comes meal time will do a lot for you if you’re trying to shed some pounds.  Protein allows us to feel fuller for longer, fighting off hunger pangs and keeping us from wanting to straight from our diets.  Getting 20 or more grams of protein during a meal time is the best way to fight off the hunger and to maximize fat burn through good practice dieting.  The effects of a protein shake meal like Leftovers can last for up to 5 hours, allowing for the muscles to get extra recovery nutrients and gear up for the next gym visit!

As a Post Workout

This one here is probably the most important of the three.  Whether you are doing some long distance cardio or pumping the iron to look like the next Brock Lesnar, your muscles are going to need some help recovering from the punishment you’ve been doling out to them.  Protein powder shakes are perfect for this.  Starting the moment you finish your workout, you should be enjoying a full helping of WheyXX or something similar.  Not only will the protein help eliminate soreness, aches, and pains so that you’re ready to rock when you work the same muscles out next time, but the protein molecules will always help the muscles grow to come back a little bit stronger each and every time you use after exercise [1].  The post workout protein powder mix can help your muscles for up to 10 hours after consumption!

Before Bedtime

This is definitely the one that people seem to miss out on the most often.  Protein powder supplementation before bed is a great way to make sure you’re hungry when you wake up in the morning.  The pre-bedtime snack will get your metabolism going so that you actually burn more weight throughout the night.  Most protein powder mixes are low in calories, leading to improved weight loss.  The days you’ve had particularly good workouts, a little extra protein supplementation right before bed will also wildly improve muscle recovery time, all but guaranteeing a complete absence of soreness when you wake up!  The effects of supplementation right before bed can take place through the entire night of sleep [2].


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