What is a Keto Diet? How Effective Is It?

what is a keto diet

Serious.  Hardcore.  Difficult.  Hope.  Promising.  Effective. That’s the keto diet all summed up.

A Keto diet is one of the more difficult things for the body building and/or weight loss specialist to perfect.  Keto diets take insane amounts of motivation, drive, and self control.  Anybody who is weak willed is urged to look to other methods before attempting a keto diet cycle.  There are certainly some readers who have taken the keto challenge in the past and they know exactly what we mean.  There are some of you who may never have heard of Keto before.  No matter the scenario, Vaxxen is here to support you through the entire ride.

Keto Diet: Two Weeks of Hell

Hopefully we’re actually overhyping it for you and it isn’t quite as bad as we are leading on.  The thing is, it’s impossible to know how it will effect you since each person is so wildly different.  Some of us eat super unhealthy and don’t exercise enough.  Some of us have had successful diets in the past and want to try something new because we’ve hit a wall.  Still others have heard success stories and are determined to try it out.  No matter what category you fall in to, a keto diet is something that many will try and few will complete.

The two weeks of hell refers to the first two weeks of practicing Keto dieting.  The idea is that you’re training your body to transition from the usual method of acquiring energy; sugar burn.  Instead, you’re teaching your body to burn stored fat.  Removing carbohydrates from your diet leads to extremely low levels of insulin production, resulting in painful change [1].  You will feel tired and lethargic.  You will literally need to force yourself to stay awake and going to the gym will be one of the most challenging things you do each day.  Bowel movements turn to baby poop and are extremely unsatisfying.  This is called Keto flu and it’s something that you will need to fight through for the first 10 to 14 days of keto dieting.

The Keto Diet is Undeniably Effective

Those first couple weeks are brutal.  Having self induced flu symptoms is awful, but if you can make it through… the results are incredible.  One day, you will wake up and realize you feel great.  You feel just like you did prior to the start of the diet.  Now that you’ve made it through the worst of it, you’re in ketosis.  Your body is effectively burning stored fat cells for energy.  Keeping the carb intake at as close to zero as possible for the duration of your diet is essential.  The moment you intake carbs, your body stops burning fat and switches back to the carbs for energy [2].  That two weeks of hell?  You’re going to need to go through that again if you want to get back on the wagon, which is why it’s so important not to fall off.  You can stay on the ketosis wagon for as long as you wish.  Continue to go to the gym so that you ensure no muscle is lost and hop off the wagon whenever you’re ready!  Check out the Ultimate Ketogenic Diet Guide to learn more.


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