How to Increase Dopamine with Supplements

how to increase dopamine with supplements

Today we’re going to talk about how to increase dopamine with supplements.  First, we’ll need to understand what dopamine is and what it does for us.  Then we’ll take a look at the different ways you can leverage increased levels of dopamine to maximize workouts.  Ultimately, dopamine levels are the reason we do.  That might sound like a weird sentence but there is no typo there.  Dopamine directly relates to literally everything we do in life.  I bet you didn’t expect to be talking about this when you visited the blog today!

What is Dopamine?

An important chemical in our brain, dopamine is a natural substance our body produces that helps make us each who we are.  We all have different levels of dopamine in our systems as none of us are 100% alike.  Dopamine effects the way we act, think, and feel.  It influences our nervous system from an emotional and a physical standpoint.  By binding to different cellular receptors in our body, increased levels of dopamine can help us feel more energetic or emotional.  Elevated levels of dopamine can also help us produce more adrenaline when we need it in a fight or flight situation as well as sending our bodies in to shock if we need to block out pain [1].

Dopamine in Fitness

Since elevating and optimizing dopamine levels are known to assist in adrenaline creation, it makes sense that we’d experiment with dopamine and its relationship with other chemicals produced in our bodies.  There are three primary reasons that bodybuilders have come to supplement their macros and regimen with dopamine…

  1. Dopamine increases the levels of testosterone in our body. Rather than supplementing with testosterone, supplementing with dopamine can have similar results while positively effecting other chemical levels.  Elevated testosterone is an ideal way to boost the energy levels we have to power through particularly intense workouts, further benefiting our muscles.
  2. Fat burn. The higher the dopamine levels in our body, the more energy our brain has.  If your brain has more energy, it will push our body beyond the usual limits during our workouts, resulting in larger amounts of calories to be burned off [2].
  3. Motivation, drive, and determination. This is the only mental attribute on the list, but it is arguably the most effective.  If you find that you really tend to want to give up early on in your diet or workout schedule, consider supplementing to increase your dopamine levels.  It’s entirely possible your brain doesn’t produce enough naturally, resulting in you being a “quitter” in more areas of your life than you realize.  Your workout regimen might be the least important area…

How to Supplement?

Dopamine levels created in our brain can be influenced by diet, to some extent.  If you’re looking for pure supplementation, tablets are available ranging from 25 to 250mg doses, depending on where you get there.  For most fitness freaks, simply taking a 50mg or 100mg tablet three times a day with a glass of water would be plenty.  You’ll feel the mental effects within 24 hours and you should see the physical boost within a week!


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