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hordenine supplementation

There has been some growing interest in a substance we recently covered called Hordenine.  Our readers are always pretty thrilled when it comes to weight loss and fat burn supplementation, especially if it gives them intense levels of energy to help power through the toughest days and workout sessions.

Now that you know including hordenine in common fat burning macros allows you to drastically increase the amount of visceral fat burned and weight loss over time, everybody wants a slice of the hordenine pie [1].  We have mentioned the side effects and the benefits.  We even explained the best stacks to force hordenine into.  Heck, we even told you where you can locate and purchase hordenine supplements!  What we haven’t really talked about is the hordenine dosage you should be ingesting.

The Road Less (or More) Traveled

Hordenine’s main use case is to help you burn off those fatty deposits that you’ve been struggling with for years [2].  The thing is, there are a few different paths that are available to get to the same destination.  You need to choose which path is right for you since each path may have a different set of challenges and obstacles depending on the way your body reacts to hordenine and what other supplements you may be taking.

  • “I am a fat mess and need to lose weight before it literally kills me!” – We’re being a little facetious. 😊

But… If you’re trying to lose as much weight as possible, you’re going to want to be on the high end of hordenine supplementation.  Maximum efficiency and benefits are reached when you’re ingesting 50 to 60mg per day.  At this level of supplementation, it can seriously hinder you and mess with your psyche if you miss a day of supplementation.  Understand that this is for the extreme user and novice supplementors should not hit these levels.  Try to take 2 weeks to scale up and scale down and make sure you split your total hordenine consumption in to two separate ingestion periods each day.  Carefully monitor your heart rate, psyche, and other weight loss supplements in your stack.

  • “I have some fat I want to lose but it would be nice to gain muscle.” – Most of you will fall in this category. You need to keep up with your protein intake.  Try to stick around the 30mg hordenine dosage and make sure you supplement a half hour before you exercise.  Don’t be afraid to stack with your muscle growth supplements.
  • “I have this fatty deposit that I’m really struggling with.” – You’re already pretty tone and fit. You just need a little help trying to get that lass bit of underarm flab to round out your perfectly sculpted figure.  Keep your calorie count down, your protein intake high, your muscle growth supplements at the regular, stay as hydrated as possible, and throw in 15mg of hordenine in your daily supplements.  It will give you a little push when it comes to cardio and help you shave off the last bit of visceral fat, if it’s even possible to lose.


Note: If you’re already using Cinerate, we do NOT recommend adding further hordenine supplementation into your diet unless you are monitoring very carefully!


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