Huperzia Serrata Side Effects

huperzia serrata side effects

We’ve spent a bunch of time talking about huperzia serrata and the benefits of huperzia serrata lately.  While we stand by all of the research and allegations made in our recent blog posts, we’re going to go ahead and explore the “negative” side of huperzia serrata as well, as we always do.  As usual, we’d like to be clear that at Vaxxen we care about our customers and definitely don’t wish to put anybody in harms way.  All of the ingredients that go in to our Cinerate and Fulcrum product lines, including huperzia serrata, are 100% safe for human consumption, especially when used as directed.

We choose to include huperzia serrata in both of the aforementioned products so that our customers get the absolute best results they can.  Unfortunately, some negative side effects have been reported and studied over the past few years.  Nothing seems to be too serious and the FDA is almost ready to confirm huperzia serrata as verified safe for human consumption.

The Side Effects of Huperzia Serrata

So we don’t scare you away and leave you thinking we’re filling you with a line of bologna, we want to start with the most common side effects first.  Hopefully this will help you understand just how safe huperzia serrata supplementation is.

  1. Constipation [1] – Coming in at number one, the most common side effect of huperzia serrata use is constipation. Typically the body adjusts after just a couple of days of use and if you suffer from this side effect, it is a temporary misfortune.  That said, in just a few cases, the constipation has turned into a full blow gastrointestinal blockage.  Wildly unsafe, it’s easy enough to avoid by simply monitoring the situation and drinking plenty of fluids.
  2. Heartburn/Acid Reflux – An unlucky few tend to meet the awful burning sensation when stomach juices end up in their esophagus as a result of oral supplementation. Prevention methods include antacid pills and strict diet control.  In a few cases, the acid reflux went unchecked long enough to actually damage the stomach and lower esophagus linings, causing ulcers.  It should be noted that not many people end up with heart burn and even fewer let it go untreated long enough to develop ulcers.
  3. Urinary tract blockage – We’re digging pretty deep and mentioning the super rare cases now. In older users, a few cases of urinary tract blockages have occurred.  Again, this is simple to detect by monitoring the situation.  If you go 24 hours without urinating, there is definitely a problem and you need to stop dosing and see a doctor.
  4. Epilepsy [2] – Perhaps the most serious side effect and easily the most rare. So rare in fact, there is no concrete proof showing extended huperzia serrata use leads to epilepsy or even an epileptic shock attack.  It would make sense that ingesting foreign matter that literally effects chemical levels in your brain could cause an attack but the proof just isn’t there to say this is a definitive side effect.  We’ve listed it as a courtesy.

The side effects are really rare and shouldn’t prevent you from trying this game changer of a supplement.  Besides, if you’re using Cinerate and/or Fulcrum, you’re already leveraging huperzia serrata to benefit you!


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