Huperzia Serrata Benefits

huperzia serrata benefits

The benefits of the huperzia serrata plant extract range far and wide.  There are a large variety of use cases studied when it comes to Huperzine A, the main alkaloid extracted from huperzia serrata.  When looking at the ingredients list in the many different medicines and supplements on the market, understand that you may see huperzia serrata and you may see Huperzine A, depending on the manufacturer.

Today, we’re going to build off huperzia serrata theme so that you understand how to leverage Huperzine A to get the most out of your workouts.  We’ll also be taking a peek at the other reasons people use huperzia serrata and the different benefits that it can influence among even those who do not participate in bodybuilding and fitness.

Fitness Freaks and Every Day Lumps

We figured we’d address our readers first since most of the people who check this blog are those looking for tips and tricks to gain an advantage in the gym.  Here is a list of the top 3 reasons everybody should be using huperzia serrata, be it in a mixed supplemental cocktail or by itself…


  1. Improved Cognition – Raising your critical thinking ability doesn’t just make it easier to pick something up in a classroom or learn shortcuts and more effective practices in the work place. Improving your mental cognition allows you to be able to focus on what you’re doing in all parts of life [1].  If you have elevated focus in the gym.  The number one reason people quit working out isn’t because they get tired or are in pain.  It’s because they lose motivation.
  2. Memory Enhancement – Not just neuro-memory. Supplementing with huperzia serrata leads to improved memory of all types; subconscious memory and muscle memory included.  Having workout optimization come second nature is underrated and invaluable [1].  It’s dangerous to practice exercises improperly and once you add a few dozen to your repertoire, it can be difficult to remember all the nuances and intricacies of the techniques involved.  (A nice side bonus?  Alzheimer’s disease treatment and/or prevention.)
  3. Behavior and Mood Regulation – We now have enough evidence to declare a direct correlation between huperzia serrata supplementation and stable mood and decent behavior patterns. Huperzia serrata is being harvested and manufactured for use in anti anxiety and depression medications.  These placebo controlled studies have led to a safe alternative to some of the less desirable methods of treatment [3].

It’s completely normal to struggle getting in to the fitness routine.  Many of us have kids, have school, have work, people and organizations that depend on us, or dozens of other obligations we must get to in life.  Regular visits to the gym can be easy to cut out of the picture.  Consider supplementing with huperzia serrata, if not just to help get yourself through the day without feeling the mounting pressure of life.  If you’re going to take the extra step and exercise daily, you’re going to notice a big difference in the motivation, drive, and focus this time around!


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