High Protein Snacks You Should Be Considering

High protein snacks, in my opinion, are essential to achieving your health and fitness goals, regardless of what side of the spectrum you’re on.  Weight loss, fat loss, maintenance, build lean muscle mass… it doesn’t matter.  Protein serves many purposes in our nutrition and for that reason, I feel it’s important to unveil some amazing choices when it comes to high protein snacks that can travel with you on your commute, can be consumed at your desk, can be used as a late-night snack, or heck, even snuck into the movie theatre (just don’t tell them I told you to do it).  Find out below what made the list.


If you love meat and are looking for high protein snacks, beef jerky or beef sticks should fit the bill.  They are extremely high in protein per serving and are very easy to find.  Whether you stop at a gas station, grocery store, drug store, just about anywhere… they will almost certainly have these items there.  Your best bet is to go with the variety that is plain, but I completely understand if you want to change it up from time to time and get one of the flavored versions.  I personally like stocking up by going to a wholesaler and buying the pounder bags so I have somewhat of a stockpile on hand at all times.


While not the best choice for when you are at work or on the go (think about the smell they make and the smell you make after eating them), these are powerhouses of protein.  They are incredibly healthy and full of micronutrients the body needs to function optimally.  You can put them in a sealable container and keep them in your refrigerator or even toss a few in another container to take with you on the go (but again, heed my warning).  Eat them as is or shake a little salt and pepper on them and you’re good to go.  Their versatility and profile are what lands them on our high protein snacks list.


If you don’t like peanut butter… well, there’s something wrong with you.  Just kidding (maybe not).  But, in all seriousness, natural peanut butter is one of the high protein snacks that can make other food items have an increased protein content.  For instance, you can take an apple or some celery and add a little natural peanut butter and have an extremely delicious and nutritious snack item that you can eat anywhere you please.  You can walk around with an entire jar of natural peanut butter in your bag, or you can scoop out what you need for the day based on the item you are eating with it (or by itself, I won’t judge you) into a smaller container for more ease during transport wherever the day takes you.


Just because we are focusing on high protein snacks doesn’t mean you can’t include some carbs and healthy fats.  Whether you choose a trail mix or a container of nuts, you have yourself an easy and convenient snack.  If you can leave a container of nuts at the office, you’ll never need to run out to grab something when you start having some cravings in the middle of the day.  Likewise, you can toss a bag of resealable trail mix in your bag and take it with you wherever you go.  It also makes for the perfect snack if you enjoy hiking.


It’s impossible to have a list of high protein snacks and not include protein shakes and protein bars.  Honestly, you aren’t going to find a snack on this list that can provide as much protein per serving as what would be found in this category.  Generally speaking, most protein bars have a minimum of 20g of protein in them and can be found at just about any store you stop into these days.  Anything less than 20g of protein and I would toss them in the category of a nutritional bar (which could also be part of this list).  Protein bars and shakes consist mainly of whey protein concentrate – with the higher quality products containing whey isolate.  Find a brand and flavor you enjoy (they are all different and have different textures as well) and buy a box or a tub to have on hand.  Store some bars in your desk and bag or leave a tub of protein powder along with a shaker bottle in your office so that all you need to do is add water and you’re ready to rock and roll.


Whether you decide to eat it by itself or along with some nuts (like mentioned above) or fruit, this is one of the best high protein snacks you can find.  While not exactly everyone’s first chose as a snack item (it could get messy and you’d have to like the flavor/texture), cottage cheese is an amazing snack to consume, especially at night due to the casein (protein) content.  This allows the product to be digested slowly and has almost a trickle effect into the bloodstream of over six hours.  This can help you stay anabolic overnight where you would normally be fasting due to sleep.


Pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, etc. are amazing and convenient high protein snacks.  Many of them come in resealable bags (I would not recommend one that does not reseal) which make transport a breeze no matter where life takes you.  Toss the bag in your backpack or briefcase and off you go with a satisfying snack loaded with healthy fats and proteins.  You could even take some of these seeds and make your own homemade trail mix, similar to what was mentioned above, by adding some nuts, seeds, and even some dried fruit to add a little sweetness.  Overall, you can’t go wrong with adding seeds to your healthy snack options.

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