Green Tea Extract Dosage

green tea extract dosage

Switching gears back to the ideal administration tactics and levels of supplements, today we’re going to explore the different levels of green tea extract dosages.  We’ll look at the different serving sizes and what each dosage level will do for you.  Green tea extract is something that you will struggle to overdose on, so there isn’t really a worry when it comes to that, but it’s really important that you understand just how mean you actually need to accomplish whatever your goals may be.  Before we get in to that, be sure you review the benefits of green tea extract supplementation, and the side effects that you should be aware of before you begin supplementation.

10mg – 50mg

Depending on the type of green tea that you drink and where you buy it from, the level of extract contained in the tea is going to differ.  Simply consuming a couple of cups of green tea throughout your day is going to give your system up to a hundred milligrams of extract to utilize.  This low level dose will help suppress your hunger and keep you awake for longer, similar to the effects that caffeine has on most people [1].

100mg – 200mg

This is what we’re looking at when we talk about our Cinerate product.  We use 125mg of green tea extract to support those who are on the long and treacherous weight loss journey.  Not only are you going to get the benefits of appetite suppression like in the aforementioned dose, but this level of extract can also improve your metabolic rate [2].  Increasing your metabolism will allow you to burn more fat during and after exercise.  As we advertise, you will increase energy while giving you an improved ability to focus your thoughts because of the other Cinerate ingredients.  You will be able to use your newly found focus on your fitness results and let Cinerate melt away the body fat to reshape your physique.

250mg – 750mg

Some of our readers might not actually be trying to lose weight.  For you, higher levels of green tea extract is actually going to be key.  If you’re trying to build muscle mass, you’re probably already taking adventage of a ton of different supplements that we have talked about.  Green tea contains loads of natural antioxidants and pharma labs around the world have perfected the art of infusing those antioxidants in to their supplements [3].  As we have talked about a few times in the past, the more antioxidants, the better your on cycle support will be.  Antioxidants are going to naturally and safely negate any of the side effects that you may encounter when it comes to supplementation. – Particularly those involved with muscle mass improvement.


Over 750mg

At this level, we’re talking about prescription drugs.  Some of the drugs out on the market that are prescribed to cancer patients, aids patients, and people suffering from serious cardiovascular or lung issues have upwards of 900mg of green tea extract infused.  The thought is that the extract will help the person feel more focused, less lethargic, and the antioxidants will slow disease and stave off infection or even side effects of other prescribed drugs.


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