What is Green Coffee Bean Extract?

What is Green Coffee Bean Extract

Simply based on the name, it’s likely that you can guess that green coffee bean extract comes from, well… green coffee beans.  But what is it really?  What does it do, how is it extracted, and why do you care?  Today we’re going to be investigating what green coffee bean extract is and the important bits of information you need to know when considering whether or not you want to supplement with it.

Before we get started, we urge you to check out these articles about the side effects and the benefits of green coffee bean extract supplementation.  Assuming you’ve taken a moment to refresh your memory, we can now delve in to the new specifics and details you need to know about…


The Beans

Being completely frank, green coffee beans are simply unroasted coffee beans.  You’re not going to want to grind them up and use them to create your morning brew.  Most people don’t realize that coffee beans are green at harvest and need to be slow roasted to create the morning fuel that so many of us have come to enjoy.  The green beans are loaded with antioxidants and can be leveraged to increase cardiovascular functions.  The roasted beans still contain the caffeine and some of the same beneficial properties but much is lost in the way of antioxidants throughout the roasting process [1].


The Green Coffee Bean Extract

“The extract” is essentially the important stuff, pulled from the green coffee bean itself.  Labs around the world work tirelessly to extract the substance we call green coffee bean extract.  It’s comprised of caffeine, antioxidants, and comes in the form of liquid as chlorogenic acid is the main conduit.

Used to increase metabolism and lower the carbohydrate absorption in your body, green coffee bean extract has been proven to reduce the body weight of individuals over time.  The longer the supplementation, the more fat burned and weight lost [1].


Forms of Supplementation – Something for Everyone!

The truly awesome thing about green coffee bean extract is that it can be ingested through a variety of forms.  Some people would like the simplicity of taking a one a day tablet or capsule, both of which are available on the market.  Some people would prefer mixing the extract in to their daily protein shakes or meal replacement shakes.  That’s not a problem either since the extract can be obtained in powder form.  Still yet, others prefer the absorption method.  You can actually find oils that contain high levels of green coffee bean extract.  These oils are all natural and can be rubbed on your skin.  Still yet, there are even candies that are now available.  (Think of a life saver that you suck on to obtain the green coffee bean extract)

Note:  There are usually other supplements included in these candies, so make sure you read up on what you’re buying.

The point is, there is no shortage in the forms of supplementation and no reason why you can’t find something that suits you and your lifestyle!


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