Grape Seed Extract for Testosterone

grape seed extract and testosterone

This one’s for the men…  Hopefully we can reach some of our customers and readers that are a little bit embarrassed about this particular topic.

As we age, men naturally struggle to produce testosterone.  It’s a part of life and 2/3 of us will not be able to avoid it.  For some men, it starts to happen as early as 30 years old!  For most, 40 to 45 years of age appear to be the magic number(s), but for some lucky men, they won’t start to have an issue until well in their 50’s.  No matter what, we all feel a bit embarrassed and it can lead to a depressive state.  We don’t have as much energy as we would like or as we once did.  Our gym trips are less and less productive, our sexual prowess is decreasing, and we feel tired sooner than we used to.  All of these things are because of a lack of testosterone.

What Does Grape Seed Extract Do?

Studies have found that grape seed extract supplementation directly effects testosterone levels in men [1].  While grape seed extract doesn’t necessarily create more testosterone, it helps block estrogen.  Lowering the estrogen levels in our system will naturally allow our bodies to create higher levels of testosterone [2].  Some of the medicines prescribed to prevent testosterone depletion contain grape seed extract.  These prescription medications are issued by doctors as a preventative measure for aging men.

In the health and fitness world, increased levels of testosterone will help out in the gym.  You’re going to be able to get more impressive pumps, increase reps, and maximize run speed power and potential.  Decreased testosterone will leave you feeling weaker and more tired.

How to Supplement With Grape Seed Extract

Grape seed extract can be included in some of the stacker powders available on the market.  We use grape seed extract in Pillar to support you when participating in strenuous training cycles and supplementation.  Pillar protects and preserves the body’s organs from the negative side effects occurring as a result of your other supplements.  One of the common unwanted side effects to supplementation is a decrease in testosterone levels.  This can be avoided by enjoying a daily dose of Pillar for your on cycle support needs!  It’s important to protect your hormone levels throughout the different cycle periods or you could be causing more harm than good.  A decrease in testosterone and other hormones can result in muscle loss, voice change, and even effect you mentally.

Grape Seed Extract Side Effects

Grape seed extract side effects can cause some of the same standard side effects that many of the organic supplements cause.  Blood thinning, iron deficiency, and high blood pressure are all potential side effects of grape seed extract supplementation [3].  The good thing is that in most cycle-support products, like Pillar, there are other ingredients to counteract the adverse effects of grape seed extract.  One thing effects another thing to effect another thing to effect another thing.  Poor Hal!


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