How to Get Rid of Neck Fat

how to get rid of neck fat

Having too much neck fat can give you the appearance of a turkey, and once you have neck fat, it can be extremely difficult to tone or eliminate. Figuring out how to get rid of neck fat is a goal for many, but unfortunately – it’s not possible to target weight loss effects to a specific spot of your body. The process for getting rid of neck fat is the same as the process for losing fat anywhere on your body: general weight loss and exercise will reduce your overall weight and eventually, the excess fat and skin around your neck will also go away. Here are some tips for weight loss, toning, and hopefully – how to get rid of neck fat:

Reduce Your Calories

All weight loss begins with a reduction of calories, regardless of where on your body you hope to lose the weight. Decreasing the number of calories you consume each day will lead to weight loss [1]. It’s estimated that you can cut 500 calories per day to generate a 1 pound weight loss per week as 3,500 calories is the equivalent to one pound. It’s considered a safe amount of calories to cut from your diet as well, as if you reduce your calories too drastically, you’ll experience much slower weight loss as your metabolism will slow down.

Use a meal replacement shake to make it easier to reduce your calories and ensure your body is getting the nutrition it needs to function optimally.

Reduce Carbohydrates or Choose Better Carbs

Modern American diets are full of refined carbohydrates: foods made with white flour and foods that are highly processed. They have little to no nutritional benefits, and most turn to sugar in our bodies once consumed. Reducing the amount of carbohydrates you consume, or at least switching to healthier carbohydrates like whole grains, will contribute to your weight loss efforts significantly. Whole grains contain more fiber than white carbohydrate sources, and fiber will slow the digestive process to help you feel full for longer periods of time. Your body has more time to absorb the nutrients, which means you get more out of whole grains, but it also helps you feel full longer which can reduce the amount you need to eat to feel satisfied [2].

Taking a product like Keto1 can boost your energy while reducing your carbohydrates. When we consume too many carbohydrates, our bodies use the sugar as fuel. It’s short-lasting and leaves us with that “crash” of energy afterward. When we teach our bodies to use fat as fuel, the energy boost is long-lasting and there is no crash, leaving us energized all day and helping to burn fat.

Drink More Water

Your entire body relies on water to function properly. Hydrated skin can reduce the appearance of sagging or loose skin – which is essential for getting rid of neck fat. Drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water per day, at a minimum. You might be surprised to find that the feeling of hunger you experience may actually be thirst – increase your water intake and your hunger may decrease, too [3].

Increase Physical Activity

Add cardiovascular and strength training exercises to your daily routine to promote weight loss. But, avoid exercises that are specific to your neck muscles. Building your neck muscles will only make your neck look larger, and won’t help you get rid of neck fat.


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