How to Get Rid of Armpit Fat

how to get rid of armpit fat

Nearly every person on earth has some part of their body that they want to improve, and for many people, that area to improve is the underarm and armpit fat area. There’s good news and bad news in the battle against underarm fat. The bad news is that spot reduction of fat is mostly a myth, you cannot burn stomach fat doing crunches, and you cannot melt away underarm fat by doing arm exercises. The human body burns fat evenly across the entire body regardless of what kind of activity you put it through in an effort to lose weight or tone your body. The flip side of this coin is that this means you can use standard fat loss methods to get in shape and tone up your arms along with the rest of your body.

Burning Fat

There are two parts to the fat burning equation. It’s quite simple in theory, and most people already understand it. The first part is to eat less, thus allowing your body to burn the energy it has stored as fat rather than relying entirely upon food for energy. Alternatively, instead of focusing on eating less, you can increase the amount of physical activity you participate in to make your body burn more energy. While this is simple on paper, in practice, it is much harder and requires a lot of discipline for it to be effective. One easy way to get out and get some exercise is to go for a walk. Many people don’t realize that walking is easily one of the best forms of exercise for your body [1]. It’s low impact and has been shown to increase longevity more than any other type of exercise. Also, walking can burn over 150 calories in only 30 minutes which can add up.

Toning The Arms

While you can’t use arm exercises to burn the fat on your arms or get rid of armpit fat, you can use exercises to build the muscle in your arms to give them a firm and toned appearance. One great exercise you can do almost anywhere without any equipment is push-ups. You can do them on your knees to make it easier, but push-ups are great for activating the triceps, the muscles in the back of your arm [2]. By bringing your hands closer together, you can take a lot of the chest and shoulder muscles out of the movement to target the triceps. Another great exercise is tricep extensions, where you hold a light dumbbell behind your head with your arms bent, then extend your arm overhead to squeeze the tricep muscles. These exercises will also serve to burn more energy while doing them, which will in turn also start to burn more fat over your whole body. These toning exercises should be done with light weight and in sets of ten or more for the best results.

Bottom Line to Armpit Fat

While you can’t target the armpit fat with diet or exercise, you can take steps in being healthier overall to see excess fat melt off your body. With toning exercises, you can firm the muscles of your underarms to give a thinner, more muscular appearance that will look great in sleeveless shirts or dresses!


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