Where to Get Red Spinach

where to get red spinach


We very recently spent some time talking about red spinach and red spinach extract.  In that same blog post, we made it pretty clear where red spinach comes from, how we harvest it, and what it’s manufactured for.  Today, we’re going to tell you exactly where you can go to purchase your red spinach and red spinach extract.  As you well know by now, the benefits far outweigh the potential adverse side effects so there really is no reason why you shouldn’t be taking advantage, especially if you’re interested in something like a Keto diet plan!


Keto Diet and Red Spinach?

That’s right!  Red spinach should be considered a go to supplement for people who are practicing ketogenic diet plans.  Molding your supplementation macros in to something that fits your extremely rigorous diet plan is not always easy.  The more difficult the diet plan, the harder it will be to find supplements, especially natural supplements, to fit the bill.  Thankfully, red spinach extract is 100% natural and doesn’t make you have to cheat on your keto diet, which we already know is one of the most hardcore out there [1].

Note: If you’re a bit lost and don’t know what a keto diet is, please review our blog posts describing just that and this one explaining what keto means and why you can partake to lose a bunch of weight.


Okay, So Where Can I Get Red Spinach?

Well, like with most of the different supplements available on the market, you can hit the big online retailers.  You might struggle to find and purchase actually red spinach in plant form.  Actually, that technically wouldn’t be the problem.  The problem would be that once you have found and purchased the red spinach from some site on the internet, you need to weight for shipping.  Your spinach will arrive to you on its last leg, dead and wilted.  It’s unlikely you’re going to want to throw it in tomorrow’s lunch salad!

No, if you’re going to be shopping on the internet you will not want the live plant.  You’re going to be looking for the extract supplement.  The supplement can be found in both powder and pill form.  Review the dosage instructions for whichever you may settle on purchasing, just try to understand that you can further supplement by eating red spinach you purchase locally.

Your local market or supermarket grocery store is likely to have many of the different varieties of spinach, including the red spinach that we care about here on this blog.  You can cook the red spinach into a casserole or use it very simply in a salad.  Whichever you prefer, make sure you remember to check any supplement mixes you’re already taking so that you don’t accidentally ingest too much red spinach.  Overindulging will almost guarantee you experience some sort of unwanted side effects, which brings us to our final option:

Many supplement cocktails, especially ones that are geared toward assisting in weight loss will already utilize red spinach extract.  Read your bottles carefully before ingesting or making any new purchases!


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